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Paul Long - Fundamism


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2018 MACE Fundamism presentation from Paul Long of Fundamism.

This presentation focuses on Paul's philosophy of Fundamism, which is a deliberate approach to life and happiness. This presentation will help you in discovering your Foundation, Understanding of Others and help identify Next Steps in maximizing your overall effectiveness at work and in life.

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Paul Long - Fundamism

  1. 1. Fundamism The Fundamentals of a F.U.N. and Optimistic Life • What do you do for F.U.N.?
  2. 2. Fundamism Champion
  3. 3. Connecting to Life through F.U.N.!
  4. 4. Foundation • If you’d consider yourself purpose driven, what is your purpose? • Experiences – Beliefs – Behaviors EMOTIONS • How would others describe you in 3 words? • Personalities (DOPE) • How does your purpose manifest itself in the work setting?
  5. 5. Understanding Other’s Perspective • Expressing kindness and a genuine interest in others • Asking questions that matter • Experiences - Perspective - Differences • How do others communicate? (DOPE) • Curious or furious? • Expectations and motivations of others
  6. 6. F.U.N. Connection Noah Wilson and Noah’s Bandage Project
  7. 7. Next Steps • Gravitate towards things that give you strength (find your Fundamism) • • Live your purpose • Work to understand the perspective of others and ask meaningful questions • Be present, deliberate and thankful
  8. 8. Have F.U.N. Today! • “If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.” – Seng Ts’an