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Minne-Roadtrip Report


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This presentation gives a full outline of the Minne-Roadtrip, including how it came about, its first accomplishments, and an outline of the trip.

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Minne-Roadtrip Report

  1. 1. 2019 Northfield Chamber Tourism Awards Luncheon Minne-Roadtrip Report
  2. 2. How Can We Do BetterTogether? • There have been previous efforts – good ones • Tough to get consistent buy-in for shared messaging • The message was rather – bulky? “ComeVisit Owatonna – Northfield - Faribault” • Wait – should read “ComeVisit Northfield – Faribault and Owatonna” • Directors agreed – we can do better!
  3. 3. We needed a different approach And that requires a plan! • Acknowledge that we have a broader experience for the visitor combining our tourism assets (Lodging options, attractions, dining and events) • Broader experience = more visitor spending • Inventory and categorize assets • Research consumer travel trends • What’s our combined sweet spot? • Who the heck are we? (ala Roger Brooks)
  4. 4. A BrandWe Can All Get Behind! •Has to be fun •Should imply ACTIVITY! •Reach across the traveling demographics •Encompass as many of our assets as possible •Stakeholders should love it •We MUST Deliver on our Brand Promise!
  5. 5. The Minne-Roadtrip is Born!
  6. 6. Then the Minne-Roadtrip is Born-Again! (and trademarked)
  7. 7. Now for buy in and $ • Each organization committed $3000 for year one • Website and social media channels created • Printed collateral developed and produced • Directors became committed champions
  8. 8. Our First Marketing Assets
  9. 9. Evolution of Print
  10. 10. Go Big!
  11. 11. Position Counts! •Can’t get into the Metro section of State Guide • Please don’t get me started…. •Can’t buy the back page either! • So now I might get started •So we have claimed our position!
  12. 12. Minne-Roadtrip Our First Big Show - Des Moines, IA
  13. 13. Minne-Roadtrip Our Second Big Show - Des Moines
  14. 14. Minne-Roadtrip OurThird Big Show – StarTribune
  15. 15. Prize Cooler for Data Capture
  16. 16. Our Latest REALLY Big Show Rosemount, IL
  17. 17. Welcome to our Data Capturing Lair!
  18. 18. Photo Booth in the Back Seat!
  19. 19. E-mail and text momento..
  20. 20. And a trinket!
  21. 21. Nort likes the line…….
  22. 22. Let me introduce you to our new friends…
  23. 23. Oh, by the way….
  24. 24. Thanks so much – Questions? Respectfully Submitted, Nort Johnson Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism office; 507.334.4381 mobile; 605.490.4237