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Hill Capitol Legislative Lobbying


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This was presented my Todd Hill and Tony Kwilas, legislative and lobbying consultants for MACVB. This short presentation provides a brief view of the legislative outlook for 2020.

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Hill Capitol Legislative Lobbying

  1. 1. MACVB LOBBYING TEAM Todd Hill Tony Kwilas
  2. 2. AGENDA Guiding Principles Legislative Outlook 2020 Plymouth Lodging Tax Update
  3. 3. PRINCIPLES FOR DECISION MAKING AND ACTION How do MACVB staff and consultants provide quick responses and action?
  4. 4. PROPOSED CRITERIA FOR SUPPORT OR OPPOSITION • Statewide significance vs local proposals • Coalition partners positions • Merit-based funding vs. direct appropriation • Potential for funding diversion • Uniform statewide regulations, taxation and compliance
  5. 5. 2019 LEGISLATIVE SESSION ISSUES • Creation and funding of a new sports marketing entity. • Creation and funding of new Office of Outdoor Tourism within Explore Minnesota. (Opposed by both the DNR and EMT) • A direct appropriation (budget line item) to the Northern Lights Music Festival
  6. 6. DISCUSSION • Anything missing? • Anything you object to? • Concerns?
  7. 7. 2020 LEGISLATIVE SESSION OUTLOOK • Insulin • DHS Re-organization • Supplemental Budget • Bold proposals on marijuana, guns and climate change • Bonding Proposals
  8. 8. MACVB 2020 SESSION PRIORITIES • Repealing the Plymouth Lodging Tax exception. • Supplemental funding for the local grant program • Supplemental funding for Explore Minnesota Tourism • Other Issues?
  9. 9. WHAT’S COMING? • Creation of new Tourism Improvement Districts. • Renewal of the Constitutional Amendment for Cultural Heritage, Arts and the Environment.
  10. 10. LET’S ALL GET SMARTER • Special Taxing Districts (TIDs, etc.) • Lodging tax collection from third- party agents • Other Issues?
  11. 11. PLYMOUTH: WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? • Special Legislation allowing 6% lodging tax • Plus funds diverted to capital/other operating • Your city next?
  12. 12. ENGAGE! • Public policy committee work • Testimony/real-life examples • Build relationship with your elected officials
  13. 13. THANK YOU! • Coordination through Executive Director (Dee) • Rapid response with appropriate resource(s)