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Resume 2016


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Resume 2016

  1. 1. Alex Riveland 1238 N 32nd Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350 | (815) 481-9000| Education| A.A. | 2011 | ILLINOIS VALLEYCOMMUNITY COLLEGE · Major: Art Skills & Attributes| TEAMWORK · Regularly perform tasks as a team. · Proficient team player, believe in equalparticipation. POSITIVE WORK ETHIC · Willing to put in the time to complete the task at hand properly. · Find fulfillment in a hard day’s work. COMMUNICATION · Frequently make phone calls, send emails and verbally communicate with coworkers and clients. HUMOR · Laughter is the best medicine, even if you’re not sick. RESPECT · Respect others, respect yourself. Disagreements happen but cool heads can resolve conflict if respect is maintained. Experience| VICE PRESIDENT - APPRENTICE | RIVELANDELECTRIC & HEATING INC. | 2015-PRESENT · Assist in electrical and HVAC installation, repair and maintenance. · Daily operations, bookwork, banktransactions and payroll. PAINT DEPARTMENT HEAD| BLAIN’S FARM & FLEET | 2011-2014 · Stock shelves, customer service, organize department warehouse,work with management to order stock. SUMMER HELP | SABIC INNOVATIVE PLASTIC| MAY 2011-AUGUST 2011 · Paint safety railings and stations, work with management to order supplies, work with team members to accomplish tasks. Hobbies| Woodworking, crafts, Legos, video games