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3 Tips For Increasing Productivity as an Entrepreneur - Alex Podgurski


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One of the biggest perks of being an entrepreneur is the ability to be your own boss. Unfortunately, that also means you don’t have someone else looking over your shoulder to keep you motivated and on task. There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. There is no doubt whatsoever that all entrepreneurs are busy, but that doesn’t mean they are actually making the best use of their time. Being productive doesn’t mean just doing a lot or “producing” a lot; it means maximizing your time to get the most out of it. Here are three ways to become more productive as an entrepreneur.

Schedule downtime & guard it zealously

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions about productivity is that the longer you work, the more you will get done. In fact, you may actually accomplish far more by working fewer hours rather than more. Working fewer hours gives you less time to accomplish your tasks, which also causes you to focus more. If you want to maximize your time, schedule your entire day in blocks for specific tasks and give them your undivided attention. When it’s time to go home, go home and give that same undivided attention to your personal life.

Learn to delegate

It shouldn’t be surprising that entrepreneurs regularly err on the side of being control freaks. While this trait is natural and understandable, it can also be counterproductive. There is a huge difference between keeping your finger on the pulse of everything that is happening and doing it all yourself. In fact, the more you delegate to others, the more time you have to manage and oversee every aspect of your operation.

Use technology

From digital assistants that can help you with a wide range of tasks to website blockers to help minimize distractions to task and project managers that help you prioritize all your responsibilities, technology can help busy entrepreneurs stay on top of it all. While some entrepreneurs may have grown up using technology and integrate it seamlessly into their lives, many may have to make the painful switch to digital integration. Like so many other things in life, however, the learning curve may be steep but the outcome makes it all worth it.

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