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How to use and why use Twitter.

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Twitter workshop

  1. 1. @aogilvie Alex Ogilvie – workshop and gen chat on Twitter #stayawake How to use Why to use Case studies Extra tools
  2. 2. Why bother? clo se tio ns > objec l> h andle p ro posa s> pret need n te r ualify > i qL ead > Four techniques to get leads for sales: 6. Direct marketing 7. Public Relations and Press Releases 8. Advertising 9. Word of Mouth
  3. 3. Marketing3. Direct marketing Email newsletters – work!4. Public Relations and Press Releases PRWEB & REALWIRE– both work!5. Advertising Search Engine Optimisation – works! Pay Per Click – works!6. Word of Mouth Socialising online – works!
  4. 4. It’l l never catch on
  5. 5. Getting startedRegister at www.twitter.comYou’ll get an email – so follow the instructionsMake sure your password is a good one!Your good to go!Complete your profile – share what you do,your interests & locationUpload a nice picture of you or your company logo
  6. 6. Follo w and followers3. To follow Search for names and interests Hit the follow button4. To get followers Comment on other tweets Follow others Repeat their tweets
  7. 7. Once your in
  8. 8. PostingYour first post…Enter somethinginteresting….“Hello world”Easy wasn’t it.
  9. 9. How to engageReplying:If you want to reply to a post click the reply icon@twittername will appear then add your text and enterRe-Tweeting:A useful way to share or support an opinionClick the RT iconYou’ll be able to edit the post – so add what you think
  10. 10. Private chatDMing (or messaging):If you want to send a private message thenclick the Message icon (Or DM)It’s like chatting on Facebook.But don’t accidentally hit the wrong buttonwhen replying!And remember your recipient might make itpublic!
  11. 11. Private chat
  12. 12. #moreinfoHashtag:Trends - tweeting about the same thingThey adopt a hashtag so that a topic can be followed#laterjools (Later with Jools Holland)URL Shortening:Twitter only supports 140 charactersClever services shrink URLS to a handful of
  13. 13. FollowingSearching for peopleThe search facility on Twitter is goodbut could be betterSo try things like Twellow ( lets you search byname and by sector
  14. 14. Findi ng Lord Lucan
  15. 15. Journalist Search
  16. 16. Twitter ListsFinding lists of interesting peopleis a quick way to find interestsWhen someone is “on a list” their profileinfo shows itSo if you like them you might like thelists they are on
  17. 17. Attract ing followersBe interesting:Market infoComment on newsBe funny or at least show a personalityEngage:Chat back using ReplySupport using RTPromotions:How about a free to enter competitionBut basically follow others!
  18. 18. UnfollowingFrom your Twitter account click on followersAnd then choose those you want to removeYou can also BLOCK and REPORT followers
  19. 19. P ics and clipsAdding images is easyAll the popular media sharingsites allow sharingOr you can take a snap on your phoneand load it directlyOr try Twitpic (
  20. 20. Twitpic
  21. 21. ToolsTweetstatsMentionmapp A plethora of stuff!TwerpscanHootsuiteTweetdeck
  22. 22. Tweetstats: whenhow often typesof activity
  23. 23. mentionmapp: Who engages And about what? (stability?)
  24. 24. mentionmapp: Hashtag activity
  25. 25. Twerpscan: What doyour followers do?
  26. 26. Hootsuite: All your social networksin one place
  27. 27. Tweetdeck Tweetdeck: The best & easiest way to Manage Twitter (and a few others)
  28. 28. Tweetdeck Tweetdeck: multiple accounts and much more Auto URL short’g Search Pics/videos Facebook
  29. 29. Sales and marketingSearchEngage A look at a few examples and a few case studiesAutomate
  30. 30. Custome r engagement
  31. 31. Do BTCare?
  32. 32. tPorr idge engagemen
  33. 33. Push promotion
  34. 34. Targeted search Target prospects by geography
  35. 35. Automation Automate your posts from your blog
  36. 36. W hat’s the best?Twitter versus Facebook versus LinkedIn?for Twitter: rapid, b2b & b2c market toolagainst Twitter: very spammy, noiseyfor Facebook: rich, engaging, b2c greatagainst Facebook: poor for b2b, privacyfor LinkedIn: focussed, b2b idealagainst LinkedIn: getting spammy
  37. 37. SummaryGetting sales leads…4. Direct marketing5. Public Relations and Press Releases6. Advertising• Word of Mouth For all of the above