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Tom + nez ce6 rs review


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Published in: Education
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Tom + nez ce6 rs review

  1. 1. Tom + Nez - Commercial Radio - Review Tom Speaking Intro was very confident and he seemed to know what he wanted to say unfortunately, Alex wasn’t as confident as tom stuttering and nearly messing up on a sentence. The fade of the microphone was still on changing the song because noticed a sound of the volume being switched. Tom speaks for the second again much confidence but he seems as though he’s reading of a script and got no excitement or improvisation, after the song “call on me” by Eric Prydz it was just played another so after “Animals” by Martin Garrix I hope to see a back announce or casual conversation. Alex announce last song and abit of information about the artist, he has gain a little bit of confidence but still needs to grow, Tom comes in confidence once again but messing up once but also seems to take a gulp making the announcement mess up also he is too near the microphone making it seem as though he is producing spit on the microphone on the other hand Alex was abit far from the microphone making it seem to not be there at all. Alex takes the microphone another time, more confidence but still a little bit of messing up. He almost was speaking as fast an auctioneer would speak and that’s fast! After the song “cinema” by Benny Benassi, there was a couple of seconds of dead air but it was resolved with another song. There was a quick conversation between Tom and Alex they seemed confidence but it seemed that Alex wanted to get onto the next song making a short conversation, short but Tom did mess up once again but nothing to surfear. Alex comes out with a quick message making sure the audience are still there “Come on, you stereophonic fans get singing!” I was defiantly singing along! Abit of dead air but tom quickly comes on microphone makes it personal because the previous song was his favourite. Nearly finishing the show with a conversation no problems just a couple, firstly there was that Alex was abit quick seemed to be not close to the microphone and secondly tom said “gay” to describe Alex’s weekend which may be hurtful to some viewers. They may not want to hear the sort of language. Finishing the show of with a quick conversation starting off with Alex with a gig he previous went to of the previous artist “Calvin Harris” and ending it off was Tom just raping up and they both just said a casual bye and the show was ending like a story that has a cliff hanger. Overall Tom was very confident in what he was saying but seemed to read of a script, on the other hand Alex was abit shy at the beginning of the show grew in confidence as the show ending, not many mess ups only the odd stutter in them but everyone makes mistakes, finally it would have been a great show other than the mess ups and would just need a little bit of a spice up and it would off been a great performance.  Reviewed By Alex Nesbit