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Survey questions analysis By Callum W


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Survey questions analysis By Callum W

  1. 1.  Question 1 We can see that the majority of the audience is between 16 and 20 (91%) so when making the show we would have to try and tailor the show to that audience.
  2. 2.  Question 2 Our show will fall into 3 of the genres shown; comedy, superhero and action. We can see that 26% of the people rated superhero as their highest. 17% rated action as their highest and 13% rated comedy their highest. So 56% of everyone who did the survey rated the genres that will be in our show as the highest and even more with the 2nd places so we feel these answers are good for us.
  3. 3.  Question 3 From this we can see the majority of people (43%) watch TV 6-8 hours a week
  4. 4.  Question 4 We can see that the majority of people are interested in similar shows at 55% which is good for us because we know there’s a market for it but 45% aren’t interested so the audience is pretty split.
  5. 5.  Question 5 This question is a pretty bad one for us but can turned into a positive. Because 54% don’t know who the character is they will be less sensitive on adaptations of original comic book story lines. But it is also bad because it might put them off watching it. But on the other hand 45% do know who he is.
  6. 6. Question 6 We can see from these results that the majority would be interested in a TV series about our selected character but only just again. So we may need to take into consideration explaining our character in depth.
  7. 7.  Question 7 This question was asking if the audience would mind us taking a less serious approach to the genre because all of the competitors to the show do keep it very serious and the response was that the majority (79%) would like a change to the genre which our show could provide which is good for us.
  8. 8.  Question 8 We asked this to see what plot lines and undertone to use in the show and we can see the majority want comedy and action. So when making our show we would have to make these the norm in our show to keep our target audience happy.
  9. 9.  Question 9 For this question it was harder to analyse because we left the question open but for the majority people said either E4 or Channel 4. Which I think would be suitable also.
  10. 10.  Question 10 This question was to ask about the explicit undertones that would be featured in the show and if people would mind staying up to watch it so we can maintain the accuracy we want and we can see from the results most would (83%) which is good for us because we can produce the show with that explicit content we want to include.