Review e4 stings


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Review e4 stings

  1. 1. Review E4 Stings Using all my information that I have collected from planning and production, I have come to a conclusion about the production as whole project. It didn’t go as well as I thought because of the time I was wasting and could have made better scenery instead of a random image from the internet, making it not look as good. The final image of the shark came through very well, you can see the production log to find out how that happened. My schedule was a lot of production due to unable to figure out, the scenery and how it was going to act out. Eventfully the idea looks horrible, so I changed it with a couple of clips, showing me throwing the idea in the bin because it’s the well-known “back to the drawing board” quote. My end product wasn’t the best but I did what I could with it. Finally, I have concluded that next time I produce, a similar product, I will push myself too set high standards for the theory side. It will make the planning look good but then it’ll have an overall excellent quality work when the final product is produced.