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Production log


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Published in: Education
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Production log

  1. 1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTec Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Unit 64 – Motion Graphics and Compositing Video HA2 – E4 Sting Motion Graphic Production Log Name Alex Nesbit Date: 18/11/13 The Process started finding the right images for my task, the main character was a shark… this one… Then I traced over it on illustrator like this… Date:25/11/13 Next week I Started to Work on the background but I couldn’t seem to find a good image to provide the background of produce one from imagination. So I
  2. 2. searched and searched and finally I reached a suitable candidate for it and this was… Then I Needed to put a sign up saying “Beware E4” So I found a suitable sign… then I traced over it just like the shark and here was my end result. Date:02/12/13 I was half way through my animation and I was still missing a couple of objects, So I started on my angry hungry shark. This consisted of two raster images mashing together to make the final product. The first image was then end result of my shark and the second image was an angry looking shark… I combined these Images on illustrator but I traced the face of this shark and placed it on the first one and the final produced looked like… Date:09/12/13 Then second of all there was the people that I used, it was a small sketch of a body, with a E4 logo as the head all the components were used in illustrator like
  3. 3. so… There was one that didn’t have legs because he was in the water so you didn’t see the legs. Date:16/12/13 Finally we had the last small things to put the animation in full swing which was in two parts, the first part was in putting the images and making it into a motion it flowed great but also very easy to understand. I added speech bubbles to show was each character were saying. Date:23/12/13 Finally I used real footage at the end of the footage, I used 3 clips: looking at the story board, scrunching the paper up and finally throwing it into the bin. Screenshots are below… This was the how it was set out and it only happened for a couple of second.