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Half way point


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Half way point

  1. 1. Alex Nesbit Half-Way Point Music Video Production This is a review on the two rough edits I’ve have made but also to see what I can improve on. I’ll be talking about the clips and if there are many mistakes in the videos, common mistakes could be that the lip syncing is off or even may have rushed forgetting about silly mistakes, that make a big different. Firstly there was my first rough edit it didn’t have much to show because I gathered all clips and thought about how I will put them all together. There is a scene where there are two guitars like this it is very squashed, which makes it look unprofessional. This may even ruin the whole video because of what I did I would improve this by not putting more than one clip in the same scene. Next in the music video there is a shot of a building which seems to be on for quite a long time making the edit not interesting. It goes on for 5 seconds which is long for a shot that doesn’t change (more like an image than a video clip.) to improve this clip I’d make it look better by making not as dull or scrap the clip other all.
  2. 2. Next we have a shot of 3 people (one is me) walking down a road but one of them are chewing gum, which makes it look very unprofessional. So Ill improve this clip to make sure it has a lot of energy and excited. Next is the intro with the singer not much to say what was wrong with the clip or it wasn’t bad lip syncing but he seems to be smiling this maybe because the cameraperson may have been putting him off. Overall I don’t think this clip will need to be improved. The next clip shows the first verse, which is the singer again. There is nothing wrong with it, only that it looks a bit static on the video this make the video low quality and its doesn’t look good. Also I
  3. 3. added a clip of a guitar but turned the opacity down and changed then changed the blend mode to overlay and this was my result it looks good and it goes with the bass in the background. I will improve this by making sure it doesn’t look rubbish when it has been recorded. The next seen looks like a disaster because it seems as though it has been put together and looks amateur, I’d improve this by not even adding this clip again. I obtained my goal for this clip by changing the blend mode of the bar type clip over the face to look trapped and the explosion of fire explains the lyrics ‘set the place on fire’.
  4. 4. Then there is a reverse clip making the characters walk backwards it doesn’t look very good, I’d improve it by not doing this again. It just looks random and no point being there(has no purpose).