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Ha1 task3 analysis_example 1


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Ha1 task3 analysis_example 1

  1. 1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTec Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Unit 64 – Motion Graphics and Compositing Video HA1 – Motion Graphics Now – Task 3 Analysis Sequence: Type of motion graphic and purpose: What is its purpose and specific subject? (Title, Credits, animated captions, stings, indents, interactive menus, web banner) The First type of motion graphic would be interactive menu from my blog, so the Indiana jones video, it’s purpose is to be able to go to places on the DVD. for example; choose a scene, play the movies and maybe special features. Description: What do you see and what do you read from this? What symbolism is there? How suitable is the sequence for its purpose? A lot of shots from the movie so this is very well put together, it shows the movie and I feel as though I have to watch it to see what happens. Techniques used: Animation, visual effects, colour, audio, graphics, movement. Blur, sharpen, distortion, rotation, opacity. Uses quite a lot of fade and layer over layer videos to show most of what is happening on. Technical comments: Video Format, Screen Ratio, Resolution, Frame rate, Compression Depending on the DVD been bought, such as Blu-ray or just a normal DVD a Blu-ray makes the movie HD. Use these prompts to develop a written response to each of your three chosen sequences. You can then compare and contrast the results.