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Feedback on advert

  1. 1. Feedback on advert The advert shown was as work project for college a non-profitable. The advert is about PS4 showing off gameplay by me, it shows quick shots of it too make it look exciting. __________________________________________________________________________________ Daniel Hopkins: I really enjoyed the advert as it featured good, clear game footage and the use of a variety of games was really good. It shows the wide range of PS4 games available and this is something I want in an advert. The style of the gameplay makes it look really good and does make me want to look into buying a ps4. Kelsey Keighley: I think this advert is really good; the footage you got from the games is really clear and easy to follow. I like how you shown yourself playing it to make people want that experience. Reece Cordingley: I thought the advert was really good and looked really professional. I like the music in the background. Callum Wallace I thought it looked very professional and the layout was good. Daniel Harrison Love the music and gameplay that is on the advert just need to up your speaking volume __________________________________________________________________________________ These are my reviews on my Advert, very good feedback so next time I will be able to make it a lot better.