Deadpool (TV Series)
This show’s rivals will be Gotham, Marvel’s agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Arrow and finally flash. We think
Next we have magneto, the enemies but still friends to professor x, we had a good think about the actor playing as him,
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Deadpool tv series


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Deadpool tv series

  1. 1. Deadpool (TV Series) This show’s rivals will be Gotham, Marvel’s agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Arrow and finally flash. We think there is a gap in the market for a show like this, Deadpool has more comedic value and he’s a fan favourite because of his personality and because of who he is. It will also become very successful because it crosses with other marvel universe such as X-Men and Avengers. The characters from the comics will include:  Deadpool  Cable  Wolverine  Bob Agent of hydra  Task Master  Jean Grey  Storm  Mystique  Magneto  Black widow There will be more characters throughout the show. As the show develops, it will also show Easter eggs, making you think more into the future of marvel. It will also be unique because Deadpool break 4th wall regularly, so we will talk with the audience and recognises that he is a TV show, which will add to the comedic value. CASTING? The casting is very important when it comes to Deadpool fans, as we well know Deadpool had a cameo in the Wolverine origins in 2009, with the actor Ryan Reynolds, some people may find it confusing because of his newer role as Green lantern in 2011 we wouldn’t want him to play as the actor in the TV series. Deadpool needs to have a silly character about him but still can be serious, so I’d say for the Deadpool role, the actor best suited would be Seann William Scott would be good as an actor because he had a previous role in a previous film called goon which was funny but had good combat so he could easily match up to ran Reynolds. Next there is Cable, I would say Bryan Cranston would be a good role for him, he is a cult favourite because of breaking bad and he is in a new film called Godzilla, making is voice of reason with Deadpool but a badass as shown in breaking bad. Then there is Wolverine, there is no doubt about it Hugh Jackman is the only one to be acted as Wolverine because of his previous film’s some of them may have been poorly directed, but with the right push it can be great. We have Bob Agent of hydra, he is a sidekick to Deadpool and very cowardly, so best actor for the job would be Michael Cera, he may not be strong but the comedic value would go up. Taskmaster would be next, he can copy your moves and make them before you do, in recent invents Deadpool makes money selling Intel on superheroes identity’s to him but he fails when Spiderman stop it from uploading to the internet. I would choose Liam Hemsworth to play as taskmaster, his brother plays as the avenger’s Thor and we haven’t seen Liam’s potential to be the next villain. The next would be Jean grey it would be easy to keep Famke Janssen as the role as because it’d make sense with the audience. Storm is the next character, she was very used in the actual films but in the TV series she’d be alongside wolverine and Jean grey and a perfect actress I’d say be good to act her would be Mila Kunis. She has a good comedic side to her shown in friends with benefits but still serious and strong women. Then we have mystique, it an easy thing to pick Margot Robbie, it shown in the recent film ‘wolf of wall street’ that she has an amazing body and she’d look amazing under the make up for the mystique, but still a strong women like film mystique.
  2. 2. Next we have magneto, the enemies but still friends to professor x, we had a good think about the actor playing as him, Michael Fassbinder, he played in the most recent film, he was a good actor to play him. This may confuse people but it magneto as his young but wise self. Then finally we have Black Widow it is an easy choice to make because Scarlett Johansson is a good actress to play as her she has played as her in previous movies. There will be more characters along the line of the show, but these are the only ones that have been announced. RESEARCH FOR FLASH There is not much to go from because it is only out this year but it was first previewed in Arrow but he is known as Barry Allen. CLICK THIS TO SEE THE SCENE “FLASH IS COMING” The main actor is Grant gustin he plays Barry Allen and the list goes on but there is not much to say because it hasn’t’ aired yet. Then we have arrow, the main actor is Stephen amell as the arrow he has a family of four; mother, father and sister and himself. The character of his father is Jamey Sheridan and his mother is played by Susanne Thompson and finally as the sister the actress is Willa hollen. TV Ratings: Seasons One – PE (Average) – 3.68 Mil Season premiere – 4.14 Mil Season Finale – 2.77 Mil Season Hasn’t Finished. We can tell that some people wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the first season. So we would have to be aware of this for making our own TV series and get the audience hooked by the pilot. Agents of shield Research; The ratings haven’t been completed yet because the series isn’t finished but just for the premiere, agents of shield got 12.12 million views for the first episode but as with arrow there was a decline after the first episode but then there were spikes because it started to get better. There was a lot of hype surrounding he pilot episode of agents of shield because it was directed by Joss Whedon the director of Avengers which is why I believe it drew in most of the crowd so we could consider getting a respected director for our TV show.