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SCWE Presenters Kit 2014


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SCWE Presenters Kit 2014

  1. 1. Presenters’ Information Kit © 2013 Alex Mitchell
  2. 2.   The Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs (SCWE) is a relaxed and yet focused group of women entrepreneurs who have connected regularly over the past seven years to share their experiences, inspire and support each other. It’s not a ‘salesy’ type environment, more one for connecting with like minded people and finding how we can help each other. We are all in business together in this beautiful corner of the world, helping each other to reach our potential and share our unique messages. © 2013 Alex Mitchell    The group is not-for-profit. My facilitation of the group, as well as the speakers' time, is donated in the spirit of sharing. We believe the sharing of wisdom and the support of other women entrepreneurs cannot be bought or sold, it is something we gift each other because we care. The group size is usually around 30, all women in business, usually solopreneurs and often working from home in service based businesses. Dress code is business casual or smart casual.
  3. 3.   All meetings are 1-4pm Saturday 8 February 22 March 3 May 14 June 26 July 6 September 18 October 29 November – Christmas Celebration © 2013 Alex Mitchell
  4. 4.       Amici Café is located in the Aspect Building, corner Knox Ave and Lower Gay Terrace, Caloundra. If you come up Bulcock Street, turn right into Knox Ave and you will see the café on your left just after the bottle shop. Google map: Parking is either on the street or under the Aspect Building (enter from Lower Gay Terrace). Dependent on numbers on the day, layout is L shaped table set for lunch, with the speaker in the corner of the L. The venue has a microphone, white board and display table but no flip chart. A television screen is available for digital presentations. It can be connected to your laptop. Please let me know what setup requirements you have so I can ensure everything is ready for you. All AV requirements require advance notice. © 2013 Alex Mitchell
  5. 5.  12.00pm This is when I arrive. If you have set up requirements such as a data projector you may wish to come along at noon, otherwise 12.30 is fine.  1.00pm Everyone arrives and mingles.   1.15pm Once everyone is seated we start with a round table introduction of 30 seconds each. This is when everyone has a chance to let the group know who they are and what services they offer. Business cards are handed around at this time and questions are welcome. This format can change depending on numbers. 2.00pm Next we enjoy a two course lunch which offers options for omnivore, vegetarian and gluten free diners. Hot beverages are included throughout the day. The speaker's lunch is complementary. You may wish to place your lunch order on arrival to ensure your meal is served before you speak.  2.30pm We then move to the guest speaker of the day (that’s you). You have been allocated 1.5 hours for your workshop and any question time.  4.00pm The session finishes. There tends to be informal networking afterwards, which can go till 4.30 or even 5.00pm. © 2013 Alex Mitchell
  6. 6.   Speakers are chosen based on their suitability for our niche – that is, providing business building skills with tangible take home tools. This niche provides a point of difference amongst networking groups. The presentation is 1-1.5 hours and is presented in a workshop, discussion or hands-on format. © 2013 Alex Mitchell
  7. 7.     Ladies attend the event expecting to have a high level of interaction during the session, and take home tangible skills to assist them in taking their business to the next level. Handouts, exercises and reflection opportunities get a great response. Asking 30 women to sit quietly and listen is unlikely to be successful  There is a 1 - 1.5 hour time slot for the speaker, including Q&A or other discussion. You are welcome to set up a trade table and also to mention any upcoming workshops or relevant services should the ladies wish to follow up. © 2013 Alex Mitchell
  8. 8.   If you would like to be considered as a speaker, please send through an outline of your session so we can assess whether it’s a good fit for our group. Applications can be emailed to In your proposal, please include: √ An outline of the workshop √ Three to five specific take home skills and tips participants will learn √ What makes you different to other speakers on your business subject?  A sample session can help me understand the unique aspects of your work © 2013 Alex Mitchell
  9. 9.   Advertising is only through Facebook, so we have space for a few paragraphs about the presentation on the invitation (see example opposite), then we are down to a few sentences for posting on various walls. Please send the following info at least a month before your session:  A paragraph or two about the session  A sentence or two about how fabulous you are and how well qualified to be sharing this information  Three to five dot points about the tangible skills and knowledge the ladies will be taking home  A photo of yourself, your logo or other appropriate attention grabber. This will appear on the Facebook event page and Eventbrite page, so low resolution only please.  Details for joining your affiliate program should you have one.   Please ensure you are a member of the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs Facebook group: You will be sent a Facebook invitation to the event, and your RSVP will ensure you stay in the loop and are able to communicate with those attending. Please advertise the session through your own networks to maximise the success of the event for you and us! © 2013 Alex Mitchell
  10. 10.         The group is organised through Facebook. Members receive an invitation to the Facebook event a couple of weeks before the event. Announcements are also posted to various business and event groups on Facebook. There is no email list. We do occasionally appear in the local print media. A double booking system applies, which is common with Facebook events. Attendees RSVP on the event page and then click through to the Eventbrite site to purchase their ticket. Tickets are $25 per person. Sales close at 5pm on the Thursday before the event, or once the event sells out at 38 seats. You are encouraged to share the event details with your own email list or Facebook following. Please be aware that the Facebook event can only be viewed by members of the group, so it usually works better to put a link to the group rather than the event. If you are advertising to a non-Facebook audience, please use the Eventbrite link, however this can create some confusion as people turn up not entirely aware that they are at a 'members only' event. © 2013 Alex Mitchell
  11. 11.  The presenter agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs, its members, officers and agents and attendees or participants of the event, the venue and venue staff for any costs, claims or losses, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, which may arise, in whole or part, from the speaker’s presentation. © 2013 Alex Mitchell
  12. 12. Thanks so much for considering presenting for Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs. We appreciate your support! Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions Alex Mitchell Editor and Author’s Consultant 0434 088 742 © 2013 Alex Mitchell