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Why Trade Shows Matter... and Why You Should Care

Greetings! This is the first in a series on trade show marketing. Trade shows are "Rainmakers". Businesses can earn 50% or more of annual sales in a 3-4 day trade show. This slide deck gets to the core of why trade shows matter... and why you should care.

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Why Trade Shows Matter... and Why You Should Care

  1. 1. “Why Trade Shows Matter" …and Why You Should Care B2B Copywriting & Consulting 1
  2. 2. The Value of Trade Shows: B2B Marketing’s Swiss Army Knife • Exhibitors top 3 goals for trade shows: 1. Lead generation 2. Brand awareness 3. Relationship building (Source: Skyline Exhibits Market Research) The “Black Friday” of B2B Industry 2 “More than any other marketing tactic trade shows deliver MAMMOUTH results!” (2015 Tech Marketing Priorities Report) B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  3. 3. Trade Shows Rack Up Profits Here’s what the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) found about trade shows: 99% of marketers said they found unique value compared to other marketing mediums 76% of trade show attendees ask for quotes 70% of trade show attendees came to buy at least one product/service 26% (on average) sign purchase orders Companies earn up to 50% of annual sales from one trade show 3 B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  4. 4. Trade shows reduce the B2B sales cycle & costs  Because you have so many willing buyers in one place…  Selling at trade shows radically CONDENSES the B2B sales cycle  That allows you to allot your marketing spend more EFFICIENTLY  You won’t waste money on flights, hotels, and auto rentals  Converting trade leads into sales costs 38% less than sales calls (Source: CEIR –10 Impressive Statistics to back your trade show marketing program.) A focused content marketing strategy helps you double down on potential profits 4 B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  5. 5. Trade Shows are Lead Generation Magnets • Trade shows attract large numbers of potential customers to ONE place • Trade shows deliver attendees who are INTERESTED in your products • Trade shows appeal to DECISION MAKERS Trade shows make your job easier… 5 B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  6. 6. Trade Shows are Lead Generation Magnets (cont.) • Trade shows audiences are interested in your products and services • 67% of all attendees represent a NEW prospect for exhibiting companies. (Source: Exhibit Surveys, Inc.) • 46% of trade show attendees are in EXECUTIVE or UPPER MANAGEMENT (Source: CEIR: The Role and Value of Face to Face.) Trade shows tip the scales in your favor -- SIGNIFICANTLY 6 B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  7. 7. Trade Shows Boost Your Brand and Your Bottom line… • Messaging: Trade shows offer you a chance to sharpen your brand with clear, consistent messaging. • Differentiation: Trade shows give you a chance to differentiate your business from the competition. 7 Radically differentiated companies have seen stock prices rise 250% per year (Source: Zag, Marty Neumeier)B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  8. 8. Trade Shows Help Build Relationships • 70% of exhibitors attend trade show to strengthen relationships or partnerships (Source: • 51% of tradeshow attendees requested that a sales representative visit their company after the show (Source: CEIR Report ACRR 1152.12) • 45% of attendees visit only one exhibition per year (Source: 8 Trade shows allow you to build relationships on a MASSIVE scale B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  9. 9. Trade Shows Increase Your Sales • When you transform your content marketing strategy… you can unlock that enormous financial value… with compelling and engaging content that builds trust. “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.” (Bob Burg) 9 Breakthrough the noise with content that’s clear and focused on your HIGHLY MOTIVATED audience B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  10. 10. Summary: Trade Shows Deliver… Period. 10  Trade shows rack up profits  Trade shows generate leads  Trade shows boost your brand  Trade show help build relationships  Trade shows increase sales "In marketing I've seen only one strategy that can't miss - and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last." John Romero Are You Bagging Most of Your Annual Sales in 3 - 4 Days at Your Annual Trade Show? B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  11. 11. Here are 3 easy ways to find out more about how to increase sales at your next trade show. • Call Alex Milo for a FREE 20–minute consult: 256.289.3212 • Email Alex Milo at • Fill out a short form at: 11 B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  12. 12. ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION WAS CREATED BY: Alex Milo B2B Copywriter & Consultant “Helping generate leads for transportation and logistics companies”” Alex Milo is Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and a Certified Professional Logistician (CPL) who specializes in writing B2B advertising copy and marketing content for busy marketing directors by getting more “quality” leads and more sales at trade shows.. 12 B2B Copywriting & Consulting