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Magazine dps deconstruction


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Magazine dps deconstruction

  1. 1. Pull quote/article title. This also includes a kicker that is in a different font and in a larger size. At a quirky angle, which is often used to inject dynamism and energy . Use of bright colour and large font draws attention. The red colours give a feeling of excitement and anger, which largely links in with the music style of the band. The font style also relates to the genre style of the Short, 2 column article band. Strapline also in a quirky angle. Band name in a bolder font so that it stands outDominant image, Minimallead singer number ofshown recording drop caps.a song Smaller images with captions, members of the band shown recording/editing songs. Shows that they are working hard with new album, links to their quote, “We’re being the best MCR we can be”. Images have been edited with a black and white effect. The use of red with the black and white helps to match the gothic, emotional rock style of the band.
  2. 2. No title for Dominant image, the article shown with Inspirational pull award, expresses quote, set at a his success as an straight angle artist 4 column article, very denseSmaller imageswith captions,highlights thedifferent parts ofhis life, e.g. his Frequent use of drop caps, indicates wherefamily the paragraph starts.
  3. 3. Dominant images, shown recording music, one as been captioned. Working by himself, expresses how his band are on a hiatus CameraArticle title, focused onbasic, set at Brandon, partstraight angle, of studioeye-catching shown inand bright background,colours this image also expresses howDrop caps, easily his band arenoticeable. on a hiatusImmediatelystarts with aquote, draws Pull quote, slightly modified fromreader in original quote. Immediately lets his fans know that the solo career is for a different reason to what some people think. Font colour stands out, immediately draws attention