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Magazine deconstruction


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Magazine deconstruction

  1. 1. Masthead: fontcolour contrastswith background Main image: low lightingand main image, helps masthead andsharp colour stands background contrast. Theout and makes it dark lighting and lighteasy to notice and background makes themakes it eye- audience only able to makecatching out the shape of the head, which is an iconic part ofSell lines: Font Deadmau5colour same asmasthead, Despite wearing hisstands out and iconic “mau5head”, Joelcontrasts. can be seen inside,Other sell lines coloured staring back at theto sharply contrast with camera. This could be adark colour of jacket. Sell “man behind the mask”lines against the lightbackground alternate type of shot.between black and pink,however here, they are Main sell line is in large font size andjust pink otherwise they in a contrasting colour to the main image to draw readers in. This,would be unreadable along with the lighting and colour used in the main image, catches the eye of the reader.
  2. 2. Masthead: colour stands out against background, partially Main image of Ben Mount has low brightness obscured by main image, and low detail, so he almost becomes aThis sell line is a very effective branding as audience silhouette, which majorly contrasts with thegood way to grab the will already know what the very bright colour of the background and theattention of the target magazine is masthead, so the main image stands out andaudience, as drug abuse is eye-catchingis common among thosewho attend weekend-long festivals. This can be Mentioning of festivalsvery helpful information and the summerfor those who may usedrugs often appeals to target audience as they tendIncluding free CDs is a goodmarketing strategy as this to enjoy attendingdraws in the reader to buy festivals and concerts.the magazine for the CDs andmaybe even the main article. The opportunity to winIt has been well placed as it is free tickets is also anext to the most eye-catchingpart of the magazine because good marketingits colour does not contrast as strategywell as the rest of the coverand does not stand out as Minor sell lines are in a smallwell. Since it is next to the size, but still contrast with themasthead, it has a better background image, this wouldchance of being one of the cause the reader to have afirst things to be spotted on closer look at what else isthe cover included in the magazine. If Sell lines in a contrasting colour, they see something that may but are also on top of black appeal to them, on the main blocks to make them stand out section of the cover or on the and draw the reader in. They are also in a rather small size Main sell line is in a colour which contrasts smaller sell lines, they may buy the magazine compared to the other sell with the main image and the background. lines. This would cause the reader to have a closer look to Text has a shadow effect which contrasts the see what else is included in the main sell line further, similar to what is used magazine, similar to the minor sell lines for the other sell lines.
  3. 3. Masthead in bright The main image especially stands out as colour, similar tone sharp and bright colours are used to make it eye-catching. In this image, Calvin Harris has to the background, quite a sinister look. He has a hint of evil in but still contrasts, his eyes which stare back at the reader, simple font and is enticing them into reading the cover and easily readable buying the magazine. The dark lighting usedMain sell line is well on him adds to the malevolent look. Theplaced below the fire/explosion behind him can be linked tomasthead, so readers the detonation device that he is holding,instantly know what giving the idea that he has caused destruction, which again, adds to thethe main article is sinister feel of the image.aboutMarketing strategy standsout from the rest of the These sell lines also appeal tocolour scheme (red, yellow, those who enjoy clubbing,orange etc) as it is in a festivals and DJs. The top sellwhite box which is eye point especially stands out ascatching. This makes up for it is in a unique shape and isit not being close to the in a contrasting colourmasthead or main sell line.This strategy wouldconvince the audience tobuy the magazine for the CDor the main article. These minor sell lines are in a colour which contrasts to the dark lighting used on the mainThese other sell lines appeal in image, so that it stands out.more than one way. This issue The “Plus” above these is usedwas released around to let the reader know thatHalloween, which is mentioned there is more in the magazineon this sell line. Also, the than just what is mentioned inmentioning of students appeals the other sell lines. It is in ato the target audience, so it larger font and a colour thatgains a higher chance of being stands out against thepurchased background, so it catches the eye of the reader