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Genre Research Thrillers


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Genre Research Thrillers

  1. 1. Genre Reasearch:Thriller
  2. 2. ThrillerThrillers are built on the use of suspense excitement and tension these three main elementscan be seen in all types of thriller based media. Thriller build on the viewers emotions invokinga high level of anticipation, while viewing that piece of media. The viewer is tricked intodifferent heightened emotions one these false emotions is uncertainty of events, that arehappening in the piece of media itself forcing the viewer into a false sense of security orassumptions to possible outcomes. The viewer will also be surprised with how the plots andevents pan out during the duration of the piece of the media weather it be a plot twist or anunexpected outcome.The viewer will also experience anxiety or terror this will due to the nature of the piece ofmedia been viewed by the audience. Thrillers use plot twists, cliff-hangers and red herrings tofool the audience by tricking the viewer into a false sense of safety and been comfortablewith a definite outcome which is then twisted. Red Herrings are the perfect device to misleadthe viewer which Thrillers use in all its different form. It involves giving the audience cluesintentionally or unintentionally.The aim of a thriller is to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and alert this donebecause thrillers are a villain-driven plot whereby he/she presents an obstacle the protagonistmust overcome. This might be in the form of a problem, an escape, mystery and mission.Danger the protagonist finds him/her self in Thrillers are greatly emphasised no matter whatsub genre the Thriller falls into. Thrillers build tension through out the media piece leading to astressful finale. Thrillers cover up information to the audience to build on the tension for thefinale. Fight and chase scenes are common methods used in Thrillers although differentsubgenres use these methods in different ways.
  3. 3. Thriller Sub Genres Spy Thrillers : In which the protagonist is some form of government agent orundercover spy. He/she will usually take violent action against enemies, rivalagencies, spies and other government agents. Due to the hysteria in the mediain recent years terrorists have become a subject in modern spy thrillers. Thespy thriller subgenre is based around fictional espionage. The spy film usuallyblends action and science fiction genres together however some spy films donot fall directly on the spy thriller genre rather on the action genre an exampleof this would be James Bond. This is because they frequently have scenes withshootouts, car chases and other elements that’s would be expected from anaction film.
  4. 4. TakenTaken is a spy thriller about a CIA operative Bryan Mills played LiamNeeson he is a CIA agent because spy thrillers use government agentshas they would be realistic protagonist, who’s daughter is kidnappedby an Albanian Human trafficking ring based on information given byanother CIA operative. The information also entails that if he does notfind his daughter in the next four days he never will.The CIA operative finds one of the abductors and starts a chase scenebut in a sudden twist is killed by a car. Which plays on the effects of athriller to leave the audience in suspense. Bryan is directed to anAlbanian brothel where he fights of the guards, the use of fight scenesis important in thrillers it had terror, excitement and to get the vieweradrenaline going.He is then mislead when he sees one of the girls with his daughterjacket, so the audience is been deceived once again but this leads himto find Marko where he finds out who has his daughter.In sudden twist we find out that one of Bryan allies is actually corruptso Bryan forces him to give up the address of the captors of hisdaughter. In a very chaotic climax to the film Bryan engages innumerous fight scenes and shoot out leading him to a chase scene,eventually finding his daughter bringing her back home to the UnitedStates
  5. 5. Other examples of Spy Thrillers