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Evaluation question 4


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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4: How did you use media technologies in the construction research, planning and evaluation stages? By Alexander Masha
  2. 2. What is new media technology New media technology allows for a new way for consumers to receive and interact with information and for producers to create more innovative products. New media technology as become a established in modern day life with the public general ownership of computers smart phones and other devices which allow connectivity to the web. This as allowed new way for people to share and interact with information. To be able to produce more advanced products than ever thought possible with ever growing range of software available.
  3. 3. Final Cut Pro As the editor final cut pro was the program I used to put together the raw footage filmed into a coherent narrative. Final Cut pro was first used to log and capture the footage we had previously filmed. After the footage had been captured it was left for me to put the footage together in the timeline. I would have to choose from the wide range of shots we had filmed. As this wasn’t my first time using final cut pro I did not find it challenging to use the program but I felt this to be advantageous because I was able to put the footage together in the timeline quickly and efficiently.
  4. 4. Adobe After Effects CC I used adobe after effects to create the intro to our short film. After Effects was a program we were encouraged to use as it enabled us to use an advanced editing program unlike final cut pro after effects is used after post production adding elements that can not be found in final cut pro. I found it difficult at first to use adobe after effects as it was my first time using the program, but using tutorials found on the website I was able to adapt to use adobe after effects.
  5. 5. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Adobe Photoshop cs6 was used in the making of the both ancillary task. Photoshop is an image editing program. I had used Photoshop before so I did not find it difficult to use because I knew the very basics of the software but to create both my ancillary tasks. I also used Photoshop to create the group logo. This was done by combining the world created on after effects and bringing it into Photoshop. I had to learn how to use some of the more advanced features of the software this I learnt from trial and error using the different features in new ways Also by using YouTube tutorials this made it possible to make further advancements in my own Photoshop skills.
  6. 6. YouTube I used YouTube in pre and post production. YouTube allowed me to view other pieces of media to gain inspiration from some of the other short films on offer on the website. YouTube also allowed me to advance my own skills in using some of the other software previously mentioned. YouTube was used during post production after the final stages of editing the video was uploaded to YouTube to be viewed by audiences. YouTube was incredibly helpful in the making of our video because it allowed us to check on previous works and learn from the mistakes they made but also to improve our own video.
  7. 7. Presentation Blogger: Blogger is an essential platform in which we presented our work to be viewed. Blogger allowed us to create our own blog pages which allowed other presentation tools like Scribd, Slideshare, Prezi to be integrated into the blog. Blogger allowed for an accurate account of the progress of our group it also made it possible that group members could easily access the work of other group members. Scribd: Scribd was used to upload word documents. It allowed for easy access because the work could easily embedded on Blogger. Scribd also allowed for the documents to be downloaded as a pdf which could then be the later edited by other group members to make any improvements if necessary. Prezi and Slideshare: Like Scribd, Prezi and Slideshare allowed PowerPoint documents to be uploaded then embedded to the blog. Prezi was used for more animated PowerPoint presentations while Slideshare was used for more basic presentation. Both allowed for a different way to present the work other than the simple word document.
  8. 8. Social Network Facebook: Facebook is a social network in which we used to gain audience feedback it also allowed us to expand our target audience. This was useful because Facebook is a free service so we were able to only create a group in which our audiences could interact with our group members. Twitter: Twitter is another social network in which we created a twitter account for. Audiences could follow the group twitter and could contact us directly with the group also able to respond in kind. Using two of these social networks we are able to directly interact with our audiences. The features on the Facebook website like sharing and the like button allows fans of the film to share the video amongst their group of friends and the like button is a visual aid which allows the group to see how many people like the film they can also comment on the video. Twitter allows for the video and any of our own posts to be “retweeted” and this allows for wide spread advertising for our video.
  9. 9. MacBook Pro The MacBook Pro was essential in throughout pre and post production stage. The Mac was used when doing planning and research it allowed me to access the internet while I was creating various other documents. I used the Mac when creating the ancillary task because the adobe Photoshop runs much faster and as a more user friendly interface on the Mac than that of windows. I also used the Mac when I was creating the intro of the film on adobe after effects like Photoshop after effects is a smoother program to run on Mac devices as I was able to create the intro much faster and with a better resolution than the previous intro I made which I created on a windows computer.
  10. 10. Summary Web 2.0 during the creation of the short film as been very useful its allowed me to engage in a range of new media. This range of new media allowed me to be more creative in my work and as been more than useful. It as also allowed me to understand how new media works as both a producer and a consumer. As a consumer media needs to be interactive as it is the best way to engage audiences so using this I need to create my own range of interactive products. Without the use of web 2.0 which made the project easy and fun to do. It would have been the complete opposite it would have been a time consuming occupation and it might not be as interesting as first thought. This was also a learning curve as I had to learn how to use new media technology because I wasn’t familiar with some of them. In conclusion new media technology has been very useful in making pre and post production a lot easier because of the range of new technologies we were introduced to.