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Resume 1


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Resume 1

  1. 1. Alex Anthony Mancino18 Carver Lane
Coventry, CT 06238
amancino@live.comObjectiveGain admission to the college of my choice.Summary1. Three years in the Restaurant business.2. Proven leadership skills in the classroom and during all sports I have participated in during high school.3. Honor Roll every single quarter, all four years of high school.4. Great Social skills, I love meeting new people.5. Good work ethic, I always complete all my assignments and take every single class seriously.Work ExperienceDec 09 - PresentBusboy, Host1498 Stafford RoadChucks Steakhouse and Margarita GrillGrades 11,1210 Hrs/WeekIntroduced to the work force. Cleaned tables, answered phones, andgreeted people. Worked on social skills by meeting many new people.EducationAug 08 - PresentCoventry High School78 RIpley Hill Road
  2. 2. 12th GradeI have challenged myself every year of high school. I have taken 8 honorscourses and 2 AP courses and 3 AP/ECE courses. My junior year I evencreated my own class and independently studied pharmacology. Myweighted GPA is 3.67 and unweighted is 3.54. Im ranked 17 in my class.Extracurricular ActivitiesJun 08 - PresentWeight TrainingGrades 9,10,11,124 Hrs/WeekGoing to the gym helps me get better for school sports. I go 4 nights aweek. It has helped me become stronger and more agile. It also is a goodstress reliever.Dec 07 - PresentPlaying GuitarGrades 9,10,11,126 Hrs/WeekI love playing guitar, it relaxes me. It has helped me develop music skills.My friends and I enjoy playing with each other. We had a band in MiddleSchool.Awards/CertificatesHonor RollGrades 9,10,11,12Ive been on Honor Roll every quarter since I was a Freshman. Ive evengot high honors twice.Athletic AchievementBasketballGrade 9Soccer
  3. 3. Grades 10,12BaseballGrades 6,7,8,9Cross CountryGrades 6,7,8,9From starting in 6th grade I became a very successful runner, at onepoint running a 5:20 mile. I was captain of the team in 8th grade.