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P1 M1 media

  1. 1. Kimberly FinnP1&M1Portfolio Websites<br />Conventions, House Styles, Navigation and Structure<br />Alex Latham<br />
  2. 2. Conventions<br />There are things that we would expect to see as an audience in a media product. They are important because they allow audiences to categorise and identify different media. E.g.Name/Title/Logo (Top, Header)<br />Images<br />Links (side bar)<br />Contact information<br />Content (middle, centre)<br />Navigation bar<br />House style<br />Search bar<br />Site map (footer, bottom)<br />3 column layout (very conventional)<br />Advertisements (side)<br />
  3. 3. The Toke<br />Logo<br />Navigation bar<br />This isn't a conventional portfolio homepage but it is a good website. It has some obvious conventional features like a navigation bar at the top, the logo, a side bar and has content. The reason its not a conventional portfolio website is because if a standard website user went to this page they wouldn't find it easy to use, for example there is no home page but instead its called “works” this makes it hard to navigate between pages.<br />Content<br />Sidebar<br />The website does follow a conventional standard layout with a navigation bar side bar and header and footer. But its just the content that makes it hard for people to use.<br />
  4. 4. Magnetic North<br />Logo<br />Bread Crum Trail<br />This is also not a conventional website but is a very good and attractive one to use but for different audience ranges. This site allows you to draw different shapes and then inside the shapes appear portfolios. This website wasn't designed to show work but designed to show how it showed work. It features a logo and a navigation bar but more importantly a feature called a bread Crum trail at the top of the page allowing you to delete different the different shapes that you made. This may not be suitable for all audiences because they may not want to sit and draw different shapes to find work and get straight to the work via a list so they are possibly loosing a certain target audience, but opening up new and innovative ways of displaying portfolios.<br />Navigation Bar<br />Content<br />The website does follow a conventional standard layout with a navigation, header and footer. <br />
  5. 5. 13 Creative<br />Logo<br />Navigation bar<br />13 creative is another innovative web design which also is very conventional to a standard website. It shows its work in a art book but doesn't complicate things with transitions between pages like you would think by looking at it. But instead it keeps a navigation bar with a conventional header and footer which contain the login andspeculation pages and a side bar which lets you see the different types of work. This is a very attractive and easy to use website and would be good for many target audiences<br />Side Bar<br />Content<br />The website does follow a conventional standard layout with a navigation, header and footer, side bar and the content in the middle and in general is a good and easy to use website for any audience. <br />
  6. 6. Student English<br />Navigation bar<br />Where as websites like before were good websites that was both looked good and conventional, this website is the opposite, it doesn't have a logo or any real decent content and would attract no one to their site. But on the other hand by looking at the title we can see it was made in 2004, which was 7 years ago and in that time websites and the way they are coded has changed a lot. And now they are very conventional and easy to use where as this website isn't and is dreadful.<br />Content<br />The website does follow a conventional standard layout with a navigation, header and footer. <br />
  7. 7. House Styles<br />This means when a media product uses a consistent colour scheme and typeface font through-out its pages. This gives you a clean, organised, professional and easy to navigate website.<br />
  8. 8. The Toke<br />This website has a consistent house style, we can tell this by looking at the three print screens that I have taken of my work, these show that there is several consistent features like the logo it always stays at the top left of the page, the navigation bar stays at the top of each page and the background stays black, with the font and colour scheme staying the same throughout the site this shows a consistent house style and a good one which makes it professional and attractive to anyone that wants to use the website.<br />
  9. 9. Magnetic North<br />This website also has a very good house style, and a consistent one. It is consistent as it keeps the same ivory background colour through out the site and when you click something different all that happens is a screen pops up with in the website and shows you the information. The bread Crum trail stays at the top of the page along with the logo meaning its easy for the user of the site to navigate around the site also with the navigation bar being at the bottom of the site at all times people don’t feel like they are lost in the site.<br />
  10. 10. 13 Creative<br />13 creative is a very good website for house style, this is because it is very consistent. We have the background which is like a art book and that stays there through out the website meaning that it looks very good and professional. The logo and navigation bars stay in their place through out the website and the font is very consistent through out the site.<br />
  11. 11. Student English<br />As you could see websites beforehand were good examples, they looked really nice and professional but as we can see from this website they have totally missed the concept, their page layout even logo and navigation bar is completely different on each page and apart from the main page there is no navigation bar, a non consistent house style means that the website looks un attractive and doesn’t keep people on the page. This is not a good example of house style, even though it was made in 2004 and websites have changed a lot since then.<br />
  12. 12. Structure and Navigation<br />
  13. 13. The Toke<br />The toke website is good in most ways and is still brilliant in the structure and navigation as well, its structured well with the main screen as a scrolling window which moves great and smoothly, there isn't many links on this meaning it is good for users to navigate through the website, also the navigation bar with 4 options makes it easy for the user to navigate the website, getting straight to the point so the user can find what they want.<br />Overall I think this website is good yes its different to other conventional websites but its new and innovative compared to the standard website and it makes the site stand out.<br />
  14. 14. Magnetic North<br />The Magnetic north website is also very good, in terms of its structure it hasn’t really got any meaning that it should in theory not be very good but it’s the lack of structure that makes this website, it has some structure are the top with the logo and the bread Crum trail and at the bottom the navigation bar but in the middle of the page where the content is featured it allows users to create their own structure and make what they want to get the different content, this is good because the user gets freedom on the site but never get lost. In terms of navigation the navigation bar at the bottom is always their and there is only a few links and they take you to where you want meaning the user doesn’t get frustrated and gets to where they want fast.<br />Overall I think this website is new and defiantly different but a good different, its easy and simple for the user to use and makes light work of finding any content, on the down side if some one wants too see all the content they are going to have to draw a lot of little shapes, this could put off a lot of target audiences.<br />
  15. 15. 13 Creative<br />13 creative is a very good website and probably one of the best so far for showing off structure and navigation, in terms of structure it looks amazingly professional how its set out and how it stays in an art book form through out the whole site. In terms of navigation it does this brilliantly too as well with the navigation bar staying in the same place through out the whole site, it has very few options to choose meaning the user can scroll through the pages and not feel like they are lost and navigate through the site easily. <br />On the whole I think this is one of the best websites in terms of being a conventional website and well structured, its very attractive and looks very professional.<br />
  16. 16. Student English<br />Websites usually have very good structure and navigation but this one is a prime example of one that doesn’t, it has a header and footer, but no title and its content is very limited. In tterms of structure the website isnt good at allthe title and footer positioned on the centre and the content alligned to the left. And as for navigation when you click one of the tabs it takes you to another page which is completely different compared to the home page.<br />On the whole this website isn't very good, despite being made in 2004 there should have been a site map made and it should have been planned and by the looks of it, it clearly hasn’t.<br />