Different parts of cars


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Different parts of cars

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION• Parts of the cars: - exterior - lights - interior - chasis - brakes - suspension - engine
  3. 3. • Turism cars-> 3 types:- Hatchback: passenger cabin with an integrated Porter, which is accessed through a tailgate.- Liftback: Like the hatchback, but slanted glass.- Sedan: The trunk lid does not include the rear glass, so that it is fixed and the trunk is separated from the cab.- Family: glass door included in the body.• Sports car -> 2 types: - Coupe: 2 side doors and very similar to the sedan body - Convertible: 2 doors with folding roof or homeless.• Automobile SUV and minivan ->
  4. 4. TYPES OF LIGHTS• Leds:• Bulbs: Xenon Tipical
  5. 5. CARS INTERIOR Sport car Turism cars Mini Van
  6. 6. CHASIS- the term chassis means the frame plus the "running gear" likeengine, transmission, driveshaft, differential, and suspension- There are different types ofchassis, according to thecharacteristics of the vehicle
  7. 7. BRAKES• How works brakes?• Types of brakes• Abs system
  8. 8. SUSPENSION - What is? - Types - hidrauic - mecanic - gas - Mac pherson
  9. 9. ENGINES
  10. 10. INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE • Engines are a very important part of cars. • The engine is for the car as the heart for a person, it is essencial. • The engine is the part that starts the movement. • It is based on a combustion. • It is called internal combustion engine because the combustion takes place in a chamber, so is internal.
  11. 11. INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE (PARTS)• Engines combusts fuel and air, that produces the movement.• Car engines do 4 strokes: • Intake stroke: fuel and air enter in the chamber. • Compression stroke: fuel and air are compressed by the piston. • Combustion stroke: the spark plug combusts the fuel it makes the piston go down. • Exhaust stroke: combustion smoke have to be expelled.• The main internal pieces of engines are: piston, rod and crankshaft.
  12. 12. INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE (TYPES)• Depending on the engine mainly there are two types: gasoline and diesel engines.• There are some innovations in the world of car engines: • Nowadays we can find hydrogen, electrical, wankel (rotary) and gas engines.• All them try to innovate and they try to be energy-efficient.
  13. 13. CONCLUSION• In conclusion we think that cars are a very complex machines that we use daily .• If you want a very sofisticated and powerful car you will have to pay a lot of money in comparison if you buy a standard and an economic car.• Cars aren’t only an useful tool they also are used for enjoyment or to transport things.