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Alex Knowles letter of Rec.

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Alex Knowles letter of Rec.

  1. 1. To Whom It May Concern: I have known Alex Knowles in a professional capacity since 2013, as an intern for the program I supervised at the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center (CJFJC). While interning Alex impressed our entire agency with the calm and thoughtful approach she took to her work. During her time at the CJFJC Alex’s responsibilities progressively increased demanding that she prioritize her work load, which she did efficiently and effectively according to the agency mission and her role. Her willingness to take on any assigned work in a reliable, organized fashion, and dedication to the organization earned her confidence and respect from the staff. Alex proved to be a quick learner who was able to work effectively with diverse staff and clientele. During her time as an intern Alex she demonstrated that she is a passionate, dedicated individual, who is committed to social advocacy. The CJFJC serves families and individuals who have been impacted by domestic violence. Alex worked with direct victim services, providing court advocacy, answering the Pierce County Domestic Violence Helpline, and assisting advocates as they provided advocacy based counseling and case management. Alex demonstrated through her work with survivors, as well as through the research and materials she generated on danger assessments, safety planning, and perpetrator classification that she is able to critically analyze and effectively communicate complicated issues in an easy to understand fashion. The combination of Alex’s passion, her educational background, and ongoing dedication to professional development provide a strong framework which she is able to draw from to effectively provide social justice services. I was impressed with the work Alex did while interning for the CJFJC. During my five years supervising the internship program Alex stood out as one of the brightest and most driven. The CJFJC would have gladly had Alex continue her work if she had not been graduating and pursing ongoing education out of the country. With all of this it is my distinct honor to recommend Alex Knowles a prime candidate. If you have further questions in regards to Alex’s work at the CJFJC please contact me. Thank you, Abi McLane, MPA (509) 679-0938