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Facebook Presentation

  1. 1. +Facebook Insightshttp://facebook.com/insightsSection 1, Group 10Elena Penyaeva-ShelleyAlex Khmurets
  2. 2. +Facebook Insights Introduced in 2010 Allows business owners tocreate and monitor Facebookpages Used to promote events,products, and services Provides anonymous userinsights and interaction insights Creates several kinds ofmeasures
  3. 3. +User Insights Total page likes (number of fans) New likes View number of fans over time periods External Referrers Users who arrived to Page from a URL that is not part ofhttp://facebook.com Demographics Gender, age, countries, cities, languages
  4. 4. +Interaction Insights Reach Number of people who have seen a certain post. Engaged Users Number of people who have clicked anywhere on the post People Talking About This Number of people who have created a story from a post
  5. 5. +“Overview”
  6. 6. +Demographics
  7. 7. +Location
  8. 8. +“Talking About This”
  9. 9. +Pros Privacy concerns areaddressed directly “Page admins never haveaccess to an individualspersonal data in PageInsights.” Minimum fanbase required topreserve anonymity Smooth integration withFacebook’s advertisementplatform to target specificdemographics
  10. 10. +Cons Data latency and range Confusing and redundantterminology Fake Facebook profiles Organic reach vs. viral reachvs. paid reach Custom metrics requiretedious analysis
  11. 11. +Demo