Investor	  Overview	        Fall,	  2012	          Private and Confidential
Introduction	  This	  presentation	  was	  originally	  created	  for	  the	  purpose	   of	  fundraising	  and	  is	  typ...
Investment Opo                                                     Investment	  Opportunity	  iSpaces	  is	  seeking	  $1....
Team	  Dermot	  Doherty	                  » 10+	  years	  experience	  in	  software	  engineering	  and	  entrepreneurial...
Promise	  of	  Cloud	  Computing	  Applications                         Data               Cloud          Private and Conf...
Reality	  of	  Cloud	  Computing	  Applications                            Data               Cloud          Private and C...
iSpaces	  Solution	  Applications                              Data                    Cloud               Private and Con...
Internet	  Paradigm	  Shifts	                                                                    Startups	  w/	  Enabling	...
Competitive	  Landscape	   Operating	                    Mac	  OS	  Environment	                     	                    ...
iSpaces	  beta	  –	  NonStopWeb	  Private and Confidential
iSpaces	  beta	  –	  FileSpace	  Private and Confidential
iSpaces	  beta	  –	  OfficeSpace	  Private and Confidential
SpacePhone	  &	  ContactSpace	  +	  New	  Look	                                   Profile	                      Contact	  l...
Core	  Applications	              iSpaces	  core	  apps	  currently	  serving	  the	  consumer	  market                   ...
User	  Testimonials/Media	  Attention	  "Ive	  been	  searching	  for	  nearly	  a	  year	  now	  for	  a	                ...
Milestones	  2009-­‐2012	  Accomplishments	  	  Corporate	         »    Launched	  Irish	  Company	         »    Secured	 ...
Milestones	  2013-­‐2014	  Plan	  	  Corporate	         »  Secure	  $2-­‐5M	  USD	  in	  growth	  capital	         »  Recr...
Service	  Offerings	                  Free	                              Standard	                                       Su...
Marketing	  Overview	  2013-­‐2014	  	  GOAL:	  Grow	  user	  base	  to	  100,000	  by	  end	  of	  2013	  and	  over	  5M...
Business	  Development	  Overview	  2013-­‐2014	  	  Negotiate	  Strategic	  Partnerships	  	  » Start	  with	  existing	 ...
Business	  Development	  Overview	  2013-­‐2014	  	  Sales	  and	  Licensing	  	  » Sales:	        »  Launch	  online	  st...
Projected	  Revenue	  &	  Users	  Private and Confidential
Revenue	  Mix	  Market	                                             Value	  Browser	  (search	  engine	  revenue)	   $400M...
Investment	  Current	  Financing	  » Amount:	  $1.2M	  USD	  » Pre-­‐Money	  Valuation:	  $10M	  USD	  » Series	  C	  Pref...
Please	  contact	         Sunne	  Justice	                              (805)	  633-­‐1238	                              s...
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iSpaces - Investor overview (Fall 2012)


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Investor Presentation as part of submission for Europas awards.

Published in: Technology
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iSpaces - Investor overview (Fall 2012)

  1. 1. Investor  Overview   Fall,  2012   Private and Confidential
  2. 2. Introduction  This  presentation  was  originally  created  for  the  purpose   of  fundraising  and  is  typically  accompanied  by  a  verbal   presentation  from  the  iSpaces  Co-­‐Founders  and   Management  Team.  This  version  of  this  presentation  is  provided  specifically  to  the  Europas  award  staff  with  the   intention  of  evaluating  iSpaces  for  the  categories  in   which  they  have  applied.   Private and Confidential
  3. 3. Investment Opo Investment  Opportunity  iSpaces  is  seeking  $1.2M  USD  in  growth  capital  to  grow  its  Internet-­‐based  multi-­‐ desktop  operating  system.   Private and Confidential
  4. 4. Team  Dermot  Doherty   » 10+  years  experience  in  software  engineering  and  entrepreneurial  high-­‐tech  ventures  Founder  &  CTO   » Architect  and  developer  for  multiple  enterprise-­‐grade  business  and  consumer  platforms   » Expert  in  Object-­‐Oriented  Programming,  Web  standards,  Internet  security,  and  e-­‐ commerce   » International  experience  in  Silicon  Valley,  Ireland,  Panama,  and  Mexico  Sunne  Justice   »  25+  years  experience  in  diverse  consumer  ventures  Co-­‐Founder  &  President   »  Chief  Pollinator  Sales  &  Marketing,  Burt’s  Bees   »  Launched  multiple  international  consumer  brands  Alex  Karzag   »  7+  years  experience  working  with  online  products/services  Product  Management  &   »  Designed  and  launched  brand  new  portal  product  for  100K+  users  Business  Development   »  International  experience  in  sales,  business  development,  operations  and  product   management  Guillermo  Söhnlein   »  Chief  Operating  Officer,  OceanGate,  Inc.  Co-­‐Founder  &  Advisor   »  10+  years  of  high-­‐tech  entrepreneurial  experience   »  Helped  5  ventures  raise  $15M+  since  2004   …  leading  a  team  of  15+  consulting  professionals!   Private and Confidential
  5. 5. Promise  of  Cloud  Computing  Applications Data Cloud Private and Confidential
  6. 6. Reality  of  Cloud  Computing  Applications Data Cloud Private and Confidential
  7. 7. iSpaces  Solution  Applications Data Cloud Private and Confidential
  8. 8. Internet  Paradigm  Shifts   Startups  w/  Enabling  Old  Paradigm   New  Paradigm   Technologies  Internet   World  Wide  Web   Netscape  Static  content   Dynamic  content   Macromedia  Content   Transaction   PayPal,  eBay,  Fragmented   Consolidated   Yahoo!,  Google  Boxed  software   SAAS  Desktop   Mobile   Palm,  Blackberry  Free/Subscription   Ad-­‐Supported   Google,  DoubleClick  Proprietary   Open  source   VA  Linux,  Mozilla  PSTN   VoIP   Skype,  Vonage  Isolated   Social   YouTube,  Facebook  Edge  computing   Cloud  computing   iSpaces   Private and Confidential
  9. 9. Competitive  Landscape   Operating   Mac  OS  Environment     PC  OS   StartForce   Cloudo   eyeOS   iCloud   Glide   ZeroPC   Synced  Services     Mobile  Services   Box  Software   SAAS       Download  Software   Social  Networks  Application   Desktop   Multi-­‐Desktop   Cloud   Private and Confidential
  10. 10. iSpaces  beta  –  NonStopWeb  Private and Confidential
  11. 11. iSpaces  beta  –  FileSpace  Private and Confidential
  12. 12. iSpaces  beta  –  OfficeSpace  Private and Confidential
  13. 13. SpacePhone  &  ContactSpace  +  New  Look   Profile   Contact  list       SpacePhone    SpacePhone,  ContactSpace  and  new  UI  releasing  in  Beta  2.0   Private and Confidential
  14. 14. Core  Applications   iSpaces  core  apps  currently  serving  the  consumer  market  App   Description  CloudBrowser   web  browser  with  persistence,  capturing  all  browser  activity   (search,  history,  etc.)  FileSpace   online  storage  management  with  access  to  3rd  party  storage   providers  (Dropbox,  Box,  etc.)  SpacePhone*   crystal  clear  VoIP  phone  and  IM  service  ContactSpace*   cloud  contact  management  with  automatic  contact  info  updates  OfficeSpace   online  document  creation  and  editing  Spaces   Multiple  desktops/screens   *  Releasing  by  year  end  2012  with  Beta  2.0   Private and Confidential
  15. 15. User  Testimonials/Media  Attention  "Ive  been  searching  for  nearly  a  year  now  for  a   We  have  seen  cloud   solution  ...  this  is  the   based  desktop   first  tool  of  its  kind   services,  but  none  like  that  makes  research  of   iSpaces  where  you   this  nature  accessible   never  have  to  worry   for  social  scientists."     iSpaces  Shortlisted  for   about  the  state  of  last   usage  of  your   Catrina  Denvir   Academic  Researcher   Cloud  Computer  Awards.   desktop.     University  College   iSpaces  Cloud  Computer  nominated   A.  Jaleel  Kavungal   Cloud  Computing  Journal   London   for  Most  Promising  Start-­‐Up,  Best   Start-­‐Up  and  Developer  of  the  Year.   Private and Confidential
  16. 16. Milestones  2009-­‐2012  Accomplishments    Corporate   »  Launched  Irish  Company   »  Secured  $1M  USD  from  individual  investors   »  Recruited  virtual  team  of  15+  consultants   »  Added  Product  Mgmt.  and  Bus.  Dev.  resources    Technology   »  Launched  Alpha  1.0  release   »  Launched  Beta  1.0,  1.1  and  1.2  releases,  Beta  2.0  coming  by  year  end  2012   »  Acquired  SpacePhone  technology  and  integrated  into  service   »  Partially  setup  platform  for  external  developers   »  Upgraded  OS  to  new  look  and  feel,  Beta  2.0  coming  by  year  end  2012   »  Secured  initial  trademarks  and  provisional  patents    Marketing   »  Created  Brand  Identity   »  Created  Brand  Design   »  Launched  Website   »  Created  40+  videos   »  Garnered  initial  media  coverage   »  Received  awards  and  award  nominations   »  Acquired  initial  user  base  of  8000+  users  (and  growing!)   Private and Confidential
  17. 17. Milestones  2013-­‐2014  Plan    Corporate   »  Secure  $2-­‐5M  USD  in  growth  capital   »  Recruit  additional  engineering  and  administrative  resources   »  Establish  presence  in  Ireland    Technology   »  Expand  servers  to  support  more  users  and  storage   »  Extend  iSpaces  onto  tablets  and  smartphones   »  Create  new  apps  internally  (image  viewer,  music  player,  etc.)   »  Launch  iSpaces  developer  platform  and  app  store    Marketing  &  Business  Development   Private and Confidential
  18. 18. Service  Offerings   Free   Standard   Supreme   Storage  a  la  carte           $0   $10/mo  or  $100/yr   $24/mo  or  $250/yr   $2.25/GB  base          »  2GB  storage   »  40GB  storage   »  100GB  storage   »  20GB  increments  =  »  250MB  max  file  size   »  2GB  max  file  size   »  5GB  max  file  size   $3.75/mo  or  $40/yr  »  20  person  group  calls   »  50  person  group  calls   »  100  person  group  calls  »  100GB  max  =  $18.75/ mo  or  $200/yr  »  All  apps   »  All  apps   »  All  apps  »  3  Spaces  (desktops)   »  10  Spaces   »  20  Spaces     »  Group  video  calling  »  Bandwidth  is  unlimited  for  all  offerings   Private and Confidential
  19. 19. Marketing  Overview  2013-­‐2014    GOAL:  Grow  user  base  to  100,000  by  end  of  2013  and  over  5M  by  the  end  of  2014    REQUIRED  for  2013:  20%  Avg.  Monthly  Increase    Tactics:     »  Freemium  Model:  Incentivize  users  with  premiums  to  invite  friends  and  family  to   use  iSpaces   »  Advertising:  Targeted  PPC  Campaigns   »  Social  media:  Promote  incentives,  advertise  and  develop  awareness  and   engagement   »  Events:  House  parties,  campus  demos,  tech  conferences   »  Public  Relations:  Major  tech  blogs  and  traditional  media   »  Email:  Campaigns  that  convert  traffic  to  users   »  Awards:  Continue  awards  applications   Private and Confidential
  20. 20. Business  Development  Overview  2013-­‐2014    Negotiate  Strategic  Partnerships    » Start  with  existing  integrated  technologies:   »  ZoHo   »  DropBox   »  Box   »  Amazon  » Move  into  new  technologies:   »  Online  survey  providers  (Survey  Monkey)   »  Cloud  Platforms  (Salesforce)   »  Content  Delivery  Networks  (Akamai)   »  Telecom  Providers  (Verizon)  » Other   »  Pilot  programs  for  local  schools   »  More  online  storage  providers  (Google  Drive,  SkyDrive,  SugarSync)   Private and Confidential
  21. 21. Business  Development  Overview  2013-­‐2014    Sales  and  Licensing    » Sales:   »  Launch  online  storage  and  premium  service  offerings  (2013)   »  Launch  Developer  Community  and  App  Store  (2014)   »  SpacePhone  phone  dialing  rates  and  video  service  (TBD)  » Licensing:   »  Expand  consumer  offerings  into  the  enterprise  market   »  Schools,  universities,  government  agencies,  non-­‐profits   »  Mobile  networks  in  developing  nations  (Digicel)   Private and Confidential
  22. 22. Projected  Revenue  &  Users  Private and Confidential
  23. 23. Revenue  Mix  Market   Value  Browser  (search  engine  revenue)   $400M  in  2012  Online  Storage   $16B  in  2016  Internet  Phone  Services   $65B  in  2012   Private and Confidential
  24. 24. Investment  Current  Financing  » Amount:  $1.2M  USD  » Pre-­‐Money  Valuation:  $10M  USD  » Series  C  Preferred  » Use  of  Funds:  Product  expansion,  marketing,  operations  » Runway:  12  months  of  operating  capital  Potential  Investor  Exits  » IPO:  4-­‐6  years  » Distribution:  3-­‐5  years  » Acquisition:  2-­‐3  years  » Equity  Buyout:  1-­‐2  years   Private and Confidential
  25. 25. Please  contact   Sunne  Justice   (805)  633-­‐1238   Private and Confidential