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  • Good to follow Dave - similar themes: - benefits of exploration (constructive feedback) - Client side work - Centralised resources and open-source software - read-the-docs - api
  • In the past week we have have had help requests from: * France * India * Austria * Canada * USA
  • In browser demo
  • In browser demo
  • Go through browser demos In browser console demo here...
  • Dave time, effort, and money Access to a treasure trove of data: High quality curated data-sets freely available Messy data → Clean data Common currency: One API for multiple organisms/communities Introspectable data-model and queries → build once for multiple domains True query freedom - join multiple data sets, select any columns, any constraints, any sort-order LGPL, open standards, postgres, json, xml, ...
  • LGPL, open standards, postgres, json, xml, ...
  • Keeping the best parts of our interface Building a system out of composable parts Designing a powerful data exploration system Future users will still have a powerful system out of the box, but also have access to a common space where different parts can be put together.
  • Gmod update-2013-04

    1. 1. Current Work, Future Directions GMOD Spring Meeting 2013
    2. 2. For those who dont know, is:● A data integration system● An optimising data warehouse● A set of web-services● A collection of graphical data exploration and analysis tools● Dedicated to putting bio-informatics tools in the hands of biologists.
    3. 3. For those who dont know, is:● In use at:
    4. 4. In overview: Data Loaders
    5. 5. In overview: Web Application Embedded Web Widgets Services Scripts
    6. 6. Easy as one, two, three...● Write some XML● Load data● Release to the world with – a graphical data-mining system – a fully capable set of web-services
    7. 7. Whats new?● New! interactive tables● New! analysis tools● New! documentation site● New! github repos● New! js client library
    8. 8. Driven by web-services● GET /model● GET /templates● POST /query/results● GET /lists● GET /list/enrichment● ...
    9. 9. Driven by web-services
    10. 10. Driven by web-services
    11. 11. Driven by web-services
    12. 12. If we can do it, so can you!● Client libraries in perl, python, ruby, java, and javascript● We eat our own dog food – web application built on javascript library – In house tools in perl and python● Code generation to get you started
    13. 13. Benefits of building on InterMine
    14. 14. Free (and not just as in beer)
    15. 15. Building the future
    16. 16. Gos Micklem (PI) Daniela Butano Adrian Carr Sergio Contrino Hu Fengyuan Mike Lyne Rachel Lyne Alex Kalderimis Radek Štěpán Julie
    17. 17. Gos Micklem (PI) Daniela Butano Adrian Carr Sergio Contrino Hu Fengyuan Mike Lyne Rachel Lyne Alex Kalderimis Radek Štěpán Julie Sullivan