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  1. 1. Research • To research existing trailers I used the internet in order to gain access to where I would be able to find 100s of thriller trailers. • This is an example of a trailer I researched and how the trailers I watched looked. • Google was also a massive help in aiding me find thriller trailers as well as the film conventions used in thriller trailers.
  2. 2. Research• I also used Microsoft office software such as Microsoft word and publisher in order to display my work in a more professional fashion but also I found it was quicker and easier to use so it allowed me to effectively preview my work on my blog.
  3. 3. As well as being very useful for my research on my blog Publisher was alsovery useful in the making on our ancillary tasks. As throughout my schoolyears I’ve always used publisher right from the start I knew exactly what Iwas doing on it so it was very easy and quick to use so I felt that was the bestsoftware of choice for me to create a high quality product, I used publisherfor both ancillary tasks in order to place all the features of the magazine suchas the masthead and sell-lines exactly where I was as well as using many ofthe fonts available on the software to use for the sell-lines and subheadings.However for the masthead I felt that was the most important bit of font andneeded an extra special font which I felt publisher did not offer so instead Iused a website called which offers a range of various fontswhich you are free to use. In order to edit the pictures down to exactly how Iwanted them I used Photoshop elements 8 which from there I was able touse a tool called ‘Magnetic lasso’ which I can drag round the outline of thepicture, once I’ve gone round the whole picture I can then choose to selectthat picture getting rid of the background images completely so I could usethe images I wanted without having an overly complicated background whichI didn’t want. Finally for my film poster I used whichhas many useful tools such as the blood splatters, black edges and misty lookto give the poster a more authentic and professional look.
  4. 4. Adobe premiere elements In order to edit our film the software we used was Adobe Premiere Elements as we felt it was the quickest, easiest and most effective software for us. As none of us had any experience on editing software for films what so ever the key for the software was ease of use emphasise on the use of this software. Luckily there were several people in the class that were able to give us a hand when needed as well as several online tutorials guiding us along the way. We initially just played about on this software in the planning stages to really get a grip for it and when we felt confident enough to perform more complicated edits and use more creative ideas so we went into our main trailer. As for health issues between the cast we were unable to complete our original plan of creating a short film so instead as we felt confident on this software we then set ahead to edit the previous scenes we had shot prior to this and tried to piece them together by cutting scenes shorter and using quick edits scene to scene we felt the trailer came along nicely as after the editing was so done there was a only a couple of shots that had to be re-done in order to piece the trailer together.
  5. 5. FilmingAs we were all new to filming we originally had a little practice withthe equipment that we were going to be using given to us from theschool which was a handheld camera similar to the one shown on theleft and a tripod stand for the camera so when we do start our trailerfor proper we have all had experience in filming. As we watched backthe footage we had filmed we realised it was a pretty basic videocamera so we were uneasy on whether to use it or not as it may givethe film an unprofessional look lowering the quality of our production.Despite this we decided to go ahead and use it. On top of this, onseveral occasions the cameras would be getting used by otherstudents so we weren’t always able to film when need be which yetagain didn’t help us for time. However in the end the camera we usedweren’t too bad, the quality wasn’t brilliant but it was vas very quickand easy to use as it was small and light and in order to get ourfootage onto the computer all we had to do is eject the memory stickfrom the camera and plug it onto the computer and it would uploadinstantly.
  6. 6. SoundOriginally we planned to create our own original music for the film as one of our group (Brett)has a bit of experience in producing music but as we tried to create a piece to fit our film wedidn’t feel it sounded right due to the lack of experience in the particular genre of musicneeded for our film. Consequently in order to create our soundtrack we used a website which has 10,000s of tracks which have no copyright laws so it’sperfectly fine to use, we felt this website was a great help to us as it gives you the options tobrowse what style and category of music you want also, as our film was a thriller and neededan intense film to create suspense we spent hours searching through all the categories fit forour trailer such as ‘suspenseful’ until we finally we found which one was right for us that reallyhelped create suspense and give the film an eerie feel which a thriller should have to it