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'11 '12 wedding-packet_long

  1. 1. Lakeside South 151-315 guests Lakeside East 76-200 guests From all of us here at Williams on the Lake, we would like to thank you for considering us for yourspecial occasion. Our family takes great pride in the services we provide for our clients. Letour 25 plus years of experience help you to make your day all that you’ve dreamed of andmore. Sincerely, Nancy & Virgil Williams, Proprietors Mark Williams, General Manager Alyssa Williams, Sales Manager Amy Cleveland, Executive Chef Andrew deLuna, Guest Services and Corporate Events Jen Nau, Event Coordinator
  2. 2. Our Reception Package. . . Here at Williams on the Lake, we take great pride in offering a superior level of catering and facilities. Our wedding package price includes everything that you would expect a caterer to provide, including a unique and elegant facility, for one price. We will exceed your expectations for the day. That’s what we do! Included in your package:  All hall and facility usage fees for six hours  Custom decorating to match your colors  Use of our centerpieces  Use of our outdoor patios, decks and Gazebo/Moongate for your reception (separate for each facility)  Complimentary Vegetable Display and Bar Snacks  Your choice of Plate-Style, Buffet-Style, or Grill-Style meal  Use of “Bridal party only” suite  Your choice of Wedding Cake (Selected Styles Included)  A personal reception consultant to ensure no detail goes unattended!
  3. 3. Menu Styles. . . We offer the traditional buffet style menu, as well as a plate style menu in both facilities. In ourLakeside East facility, you have the added option of our grill package. Our Buffet Style Menu Includes  Hand Carved Meat- choice of one  Second Entrée- choice of one  Potato, Pasta or Starch- choice of two  Vegetables- choice of two  Salads- choice of four  Rolls & Butter  Wedding Cake for Dessert  Coffee, Tea, and Water Tableside Our Plate Style Meal Includes  Main Entrée (offer choice of 2 or a combination plate with both)  Vegetable (choice of one)  Side (choice of one; either potato, starch or pasta)  Salad (choice of one)  Rolls & Whipped Butter  Wedding Cake for Dessert  Coffee, Tea and Water Tableside Grill Package for Lakeside East  Choice of one Grilled Meat  Choice of one Chicken  Choice of Sweet or White Baked Potato  Grilled Seasonal Vegetable  Choice of one Salad if passed; or choice of two if Buffet Style
  4. 4. Menu Items. . .Choices for Buffet Carved Items Top Round Glazed Ham Turkey Breast Herbed Pork LoinAvailable Menu Enhancements at Market Price Beef Tenderloin* Stuffed Chicken Carver* Prime Rib* Country Club Sirloin Roast*Choice for Second Entrée or Plate Style Choice (two choices)  Chicken options: Vienna, Herbed, Marsala, Riesling, Sesame-Teriyaki, Parmesan, Kiev, Cordon Bleu or Curry-Cheddar  Beef Tips Sautéed with Mushrooms, or with Burgundy Sauce  Baked Salmon Filets with Buttered Dill Sauce*  Lasagna: Classic or Vegetable  Baked Pork Chops with Cinnamon Apples  Eggplant Cannoli  Stuffed Cabbage Rolls  Parmesan-Encrusted Tilapia  Chicken Royalle*  Stuffed, Breaded Chicken Breast (variety of fillings)*  Pork Tenderloin Medallions*  Scallops*  Jumbo Shrimp*  New England Style Crab Cakes* *Items such as Veal, Lamb and Fresh Seafood are available upon request and prepared to your liking.Vegetable Buffet Style (choice of two) or Plate Style (choice of one)  Green Beans (Almondine, Italiano, with Bacon and Onion, or in Butter Sauce)  Steamed Baby Carrots (Dilled, Glazed, or in Butter Sauce)  Sugar Snap Peas in Butter  Sweet Petite Peas with Pearl Onions in a Light Butter Sauce  Gourmet Vegetable Medley  Steamed Broccoli (with Cheddar Cheese or Butter)  Steamed Zucchini/Crookneck Squash  Baked Yams with Maple Syrup & Butter  Baby Squash Assortment*  Mini Carrots with Stem (Blanched & topped with Dill)*  Fresh Steamed Asparagus*  ¼ Acorn Squash with Brown Sugar* * These items are available upon request at current market price
  5. 5. Menu Items Continued. . . . Pasta/Starch Buffet Style (choice of two) or Plate Style (choice of one)  Baked Potato with Butter & Sour Cream  Whipped, “Twice Baked” Potatoes  Herbed Buttered Red Skins  Whipped Potato (with Gravy, Cheddar or Horseradish)  Wild Rice  Couscous (Parmesan, Garlic, Florentine, or Traditional)  Herbed or Florentine Stuffing  Escalloped Potato Florentine  Baked Sweet Potato Halves  Stuffed Potato Nests*  Mini Baked Potatoes*  Fingerling Potatoes with Butter &Herbs*  Wild Rice with Exotic Mushrooms and Shaved Parmesan*  Rotini Fettuccini Rigatoni Penne  Choice of sauces: Marinara, Alfredo, Blush, Primavera or Olive Oil & Garlic Salads Buffet Style (choice of four) or Plate Style (choice of one)  Tossed Field Greens Cucumber Salad  Fresh Fruit (April-Oct) Coleslaw  Pasta Salad Jell-O, plain or with Fruit  Waldorf Salad (in Season) Cottage Cheese  Apple Sauce Assorted Pickles  Three Bean Salad Broccoli Salad  Artichoke Salad* Macaroni Salad  Potato Salad Fresh Tomato & Onion Salad  Marinated Fresh Mushroom Salad (add Boccocini @market price) Menu Enhancements to Cleanse Your Palate*  Star Fruit $0.75 per person  Assorted Sorbets in Hand Carved Ice Dish $5.00 per person* These items are available upon request at current market price
  6. 6. Menu ideas continued. . . . Sizzle Package Exclusively for Lakeside East Facility Grilled fresh for your guest on the patio (Not recommended for groups over 175 people) Choice of one: (add second choice at market price)  Boneless Strip Steak (other steak options available*)  Boneless Pork Loin Chop  Fresh Fish* (ask for varietal availability)  Marinated Twin Portabella Mushroom Caps Grill side Accompaniments (all included):  Chicken Breast- choice of one style from buffet menu  Sweet or White Baked Potato Bar with Toppings (both on the buffet for only $2.00 per person more)  Choice of one Vegetable Choice of service salads: (choice of one)  Plate-Style Tossed greens with Rolls & Butter at Table  Or as part of the buffet, choose two Salads from Salad options, and Fresh Rolls & Butter on the buffet  Coffee, Tea, & Water tableside  Wedding Cake* These items are available upon request at current market price
  7. 7. Facility Pricing and Guidelines. . . A word on our Pricing In our efforts to provide an honest, up-front price to you, we have included a pre-tax total price for you to see under each level of pricing. This is not the commonly quoted price for the catering industry. To get an “apples to apples” quote from our competitors, ask for the gratuity or service charge. Also ask for any extra fees they may have that are a part of our total package (Examples are: cake cutting fees, set up & clean up, decorating, carving fees, etc.) Williams on the Lake Wedding Package Pricing 50-75 Guests $55.20 per person+ service charge and sales tax ($66.24+tax) 76-100 Guests $53.70 per person+ service charge and sales tax ($64.44+tax) 101-150 Guests $50.45 per person+ service charge and sales tax ($60.54+tax) 151-200 Guests $47.60 per person+ service charge and sales tax ($57.12+tax) 201+ $45.00 per person + service charge and sales tax ($54.00+tax)Children 10 and under are ½ price + 3 and under are free The Deposit for the Lakeside East Facility is $750.00 The Deposit for the Lakeside South Facility is $1250.00
  8. 8. Facility guidelines for our clients. . .1. Payment in full due one week prior to event2. Market based prices noted in this package (*) will be guaranteed no earlier than one month prior.3. Due to the State of Ohio liquor laws, there can be no outside alcohol permitted on the property. This includes parking areas. If Guests bring alcoholic beverages onto the property they will be asked to dispose of it.4. Candles are permitted, although they must be enclosed in either a hurricane globe or votive cup with flame below the top of the glass. For safety reasons, floating candles are not welcome.5. All decorating outside of the building (not including landscaping) can be done by the client or the client’s vendors.6. All excess decorations provided by the client such as centerpieces and candles need to be taken home at the end of the event unless prior arrangements have been made.7. Confetti sprinkles or similar items may be used to decorate for a cleanup fee of $100.00.Ceremonies at W tacks, etc. may be used for interior decorations. 8. No tape, glue, nails, No items may be affixed to walls, lights, curtains or rods, etc.
  9. 9. Ceremonies at Williams on the Lake. . . . Our ceremony package guarantees the facility you choose forthe day of your event. This package includes:  One hour of rehearsal time, to be scheduled one month before event.  Early access to the Facility for your vendors (They may arrive as early as 10am, with prior notice).  Two hours of time before ceremony for your bridal party to get ready and take Pictures.  An extra hour of hall time for your guests to arrive and the ceremony.  White padded folding chairs to use during the ceremony. Number of chairs will be equal to your minimum guests count.  The cost of this package is $750 plus service charge and sales tax. Bar Packages. . .
  10. 10. Pricing Overview Non-Alcohol Bar (Soda & Juice) $ 6.25 per person Beer, Wine & Soda only (House Brands) $10.00 per person Middle Shelf Liquor Package $14.00 per person With Glass Stemware $16.00 per person Call Package in Glass Stemware $17.50 per person Top Shelf Liquor Package in Glass Stemware $20.00 per person Deck Bar during Cocktail Hour $350.00 (one hour) Additions and substitutions available-please ask for pricing prices are plus service charge (20%) and sales tax The packages shown on the following pages are all priced per person, plus service charge and sales tax, for each guest at the event that is 11 years and older. There is never a bar charge for anyone 10 and under! We do also have a couple of polices meant to promote safe and responsible enjoyment of alcoholic beverages. We thank you in advance for your co-operation. We do not permit alcoholic beverages to be consumed by persons under 21 years old. Due to State Liquor Laws, no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed on-premise. It is a house policy that we do not serve ”shots”. We reserve the right to refuse service to any person at any time, at the discretion of Security, Event Manager, Ownership or the Bartender. Brands listed in each package may change occasionally and without notice. We do not charge vendors with bar pkg. however we reserve the right to limit their consumption for your protection. Bar Packages. . . .Continued Middle Shelf Package Plastic $14.00 Glass $16.00 per person
  11. 11. subject to 20% service charge + taxIncludes but not limited to:House Wines- Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, White Zinfandel, Moscato, Pinot Grigio and ChardonnayHouse Beers- Coors Light and LaBatt BlueSodas- Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale, Sierra Mist, Tonic, Soda WaterJuices- Cranberry, Orange, Grapefruit, Pineapple, TomatoLiquors- Vodka (Smirnoff) Gin (Gilbey’s) Rum (Bacardi light) Tequila Triple Sec Bourbon (Jim Beam) Whiskey (Seagrams 7) Scotch (Lauders) Irish Cream Various Flavored Schnapps, etc.Bar Mix, Milk, Drink Garnishes, Bartender(s), & Security are all included.Bottled Beer is available with any package. Please ask for pricing.
  12. 12. Bar Packages. . . .ContinuedCall Package with Glass Stemware $17.50 per person subject to 20% service charge + taxIncludes but not limited to:House Wines- Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, White Zinfandel, Moscato, Pinot Grigio and ChardonnayBlack Swan Wines- Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, and RieslingChoice of two Beers- Coors Light, LaBatt, LaBatt Light, Killians, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Light, Budweiser, Bud LightLiquors- Vodka (Skyy) Gin (Bombay) Rum (Captain Morgan’s) Tequila (Jose Cuervo) Triple Sec Bourbon (Jack Daniels) Whiskey (Canadian Club) Scotch (Cutty Sark) Irish Cream, Amaretto, Coffee Liqueur Various Flavored Schnapps, etc.Sodas’- Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale, Sierra Mist, Tonic, Soda WaterJuices- Cranberry, Orange, Grapefruit, Pineapple, TomatoBar mix, Milk, Drink Garnishes, Bartender(s), & Security are all included.Bottled Beer is available with any package. Please ask for pricing.________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. 13. Bar Packages. . . . Continued Top Shelf Liquor Package with Stemware $20.00 per person subject to 20% service charge and sales tax The top shelf liquor package includes everything in the Middle Shelf Package plus your choice of one liquor from each category, as well as two top shelf beers. Premiums are available in addition to the package inclusion at the price listed. TOP SHELF Premium VODKA: Absolute Belvadere ($40.00/bottle) Skyy Grey Goose ($40.00/bottle) Stolichnaya Ketel One ($35.00/bottle) GIN: Beefeater Bombay Sapphire ($35.00/bottle) Bombay Tanqueray No. 10 ($40.00/bottle) TanquerayRUM: Bacardi Gold Cruzan Single Barrel ($35.00/bottle) Captain Morgan Meyer’s Dark RumTEQUILA: Jose’ Cuervo Cabo Wabo ($40.00/bottle) Patron Silver ($50.00/bottle)BLENDED/CANADIAN WHISKEYS: Canadian Club Crown Royal ($35.00/bottle) Seagram’s VOBOURBON: Jack Daniel’s Knob Creek ($35.00/bottle) Wild Turkey Makers Mark ($50.00/bottle)SCOTCH/Irish Whiskey: Dewar’s Chivas Regal ($35.00/bottle) Johnny Walker Red Glen Livet ($50.00/bottle) Cutty Sark Glen Fiddich ($50.00/bottle) Jameson BushmillsCORDIALS: Two choices included with the package- others available @ prices below Di Saranno Amaretto ($30.00/bottle) Kahlua ($30.00/bottle) Bailey’s Irish Cream ($30.00/bottle) Frangelico ($30.00/bottle)
  14. 14. Hors d’ouevres. . . During your cocktail hour, we include vegetables and dip for yourguests to enjoy. Want a little more? Try adding some of these items toenjoy!  A variety of Domestic Cheese & Crackers $10.25 per pound  A variety of Imported Cheeses & Crackers $38.00 per pound (Plan on one pound of cheese for every 8-10 guests) Hot & Cold Hors d’oeuvres-Passed or Buffet Style Chef’s choice $6.25 per person Your choice $9.50 per person (Prices are subject to 20% service charge and sales tax) Hot Items- choice of three Stuffed Mushrooms Tortellini with Sauce Sesame Chicken Bites Baked Brie Chicken Marsala Bites Meatballs (Swedish or BBQ) Sauerkraut Balls Bourbon Kielbasi Buffalo Chicken Bites Rumaki Mini Quiche Sausage with Pineapple & Green Peppers Cold Items- choice of three Mini Croissants with Assorted Fillings Salami Roll-Ups Cheese Balls with Crackers Bruschetta Cucumber Dill Sandwiches Olive and Cheese Skewers Assorted Cheese & Crackers Tuna, Ham, or Egg Pate with Crustini Market price items (pricing to be guaranteed one month prior) Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms Shrimp Cocktail Smoked Salmon California Rolls Seafood Bruschetta Mini Beef Wellington with Horseradish Mini Confetti Sweet Peppers Stuffed with Sausage
  15. 15. Wedding Cakes and Desserts… At Williams on the Lake, we include your Wedding Cake as partof your package. With several styles and flavors to choose from, youare sure to find the perfect wedding cake. Looking for something evenmore unique? How about a Casada Cake or one topped with chocolateand fresh berries? There are many special touches that we can add toyour cake for a slight charge. If you already have a cake in mind,please bring in a picture to show your consultant. We also offer a variety of delectable desserts for your guests toenjoy…Our assorted pastries, cookies, home baked pies and chocolatecovered berries are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can alsochoose to have a cheesecake station with a variety of toppings. Howabout ice cream or sorbet to accompany your dessert menu? If you areinterested in adding an extra sweet touch to your special day, please askyour event coordinator.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. 16. Rental Items, Outside Services, etc… We always welcome other professional vendors at Williams on the Lake.Need help finding a vendor? Over the years, we have built relationships withmany reputable and dependable professionals in other areas of our industry. Thesecontacts are available to our current clients upon request. Alternatively, we would beglad to assist you in setting up any type of services you need to put the perfectfinishing touches on your day! Here are a few examples of available services:  Disc jockeys & Bands  Florists  Photographers  Ice Sculptors  Rental items (specialty linens, china, tents)  Chocolate fountains  Accommodations Still looking for that extra special touch? Why not consider a dove or butterfly release, or having your pet take part in your ceremony? Please remember that we are here to help you. We look forward to making your wedding day one that you will treasure forever!!!