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Creating Infrastructure for Teaching Text Analytics - ASIS&T 2020 Panel on Infrastructures of Digital Humanities

JSTOR Labs is developing a new text mining platform for JSTOR, its sister organization Portico, and other corpora. While text mining has the potential to revolutionize research across disciplines, it requires coding skills and statistical knowledge that may take years to learn. JSTOR Labs has tried to mitigate this problem through a new platform for creating, visualizing, and linking datasets within a hosted JupyterHub environment, which incorporates popular code packages for topic modeling, sentiment analysis, and more. The platform allows users to start text mining without the hassle of configuring an environment. It also provides an opportunity for common infrastructure for teaching text mining: the platform will feature a library of open education resources—Jupyter notebooks with accompanying lesson plans—which will make it easier to teach and learn text mining, without hiding complexity or nuance.

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Creating Infrastructure for Teaching Text Analytics - ASIS&T 2020 Panel on Infrastructures of Digital Humanities

  1. 1. Creating Infrastructure for Teaching Text Analytics Alex Humphreys, JSTOR Labs Director @abhumphreys
  2. 2. At ITHAKA, our passion drives us to make the world smarter. Our mission comes to life in four service areas. JSTOR One of the world's leading academic databases, JSTOR powers the research and learning of 6 million users each month. Ithaka S+R Ithaka S+R provides research and strategic guidance to help the academic and cultural communities serve the public good and navigate economic, technological, and demographic change. Portico Portico, a community-supported digital archive, preserves over 1 million e-books and e- journals for future scholars. Artstor Artstor provides 2+ million high-quality images and digital asset management software to enhance scholarship and teaching.
  3. 3. JSTOR Labs works with partner publishers, libraries and labs to create tools for researchers, teachers and students that are immediately useful – and a little bit magical.
  4. 4. A common theme: text analytics
  5. 5. “…a deceptively gentle welcome mat, followed by a trapdoor.” - Ted Underwood
  6. 6. New Text Analytics Service from JSTOR & Portico
  7. 7. Other kinds of infrastructure… We are working with NISO to initiate a group to define a standard for non-consumptive text analytics datasets We received an NEH grant to launch: The Text Analytics Pedagogy Institute Spring 2021 at U of Virginia Summer 2022 at Arizona U
  8. 8. Thank you Alex Humphreys Director, JSTOR Labs ITHAKA @abhumphreys
  9. 9. Appendix A: Screenshots