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Ancient Civilizations of Egypt, India and China


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Ancient civilizations of the world. ancient civilizations of Egypt India.

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Ancient Civilizations of Egypt, India and China

  2. 2. ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS Ancient Mesopotamia Ancient Egypt Ancient India Ancient China Ancient Greece Ancient Rome
  3. 3. ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA Oldest known civilization Babylon Gilgamesh Hammarabi Nebuchadnezzar Ziggurat Hanging gardens
  4. 4. ANCIENT EGYPT Nile River Mummies Pharaohs Rameses King Tutankhamen Cleopatra
  5. 5. ANCIENT INDIA Indus Valley Hindu religion Buddha Reincarnation
  6. 6. ANCIENT CHINA Great Wall Chinese Characters Dynasties Inventions Confucius
  7. 7. ANCIENT GREECE Greek Gods and myths Archimedes and friends Trojan War First Democracy Architecture Olympics
  8. 8. ANCIENT ROME Etruscans Roman Empire Julius Caesar Coliseum Hannibal and the elephants Mount Vesuvius