10 steps to effective email marketing


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10 steps to effective email marketing

  1. 1. White Paper10 Steps to EffectiveEmail Marketing
  2. 2. White Paper 10 Steps to Effective Email MarketingTable of ContentsPage 1 IntroductionPage 1 Putting Deliverability into PracticePage 1 Current Email Marketing PracticesPage 1 10 Steps to Effective Email MarketingPage 2 About Alterian Dynamic MessengerTMPage 3 About Alterian
  3. 3. White Paper 10 Steps to Effective Email MarketingIntroduction legitimate - Dear Customer is likely to look like an attempt atEmail has emerged as a cost-effective, efficient, real-time phishing. Remember, spammers wont send personalizedmarketing channel defiantly challenging the traditional methods content, as their business model doesnt support the cost ofof customer contact. No other medium – offline or online – implementing database marketing methods.provides marketers with such a direct, personal, interactive andmeasurable customer communication capability, and Marketers 2. Be relevantare increasingly demanding e-execution capability within their Ensure your email content is personalized and relevant so yourmarketing toolkit. readers will want to receive your emails and will look forward to reading the content. It’s also important to keep in mind thatPutting Deliverability into Practice relevance is in the eye of the customer, so always strive to sendAs with any new channel, email marketing brings with it its own them content and information that is of interest to them, notset of potential pitfalls and commercial challenges. One of this simply what you want to tell them! In return you will getyear’s hot topics in email marketing is deliverability. Vendors are increased revenue and profit as a reward. Remember, spammerspromoting new delivery capabilities, and you can read a different wont send personalized content, as their business modelarticle about it daily. However, when put into perspective, it doesnt support the cost of implementing database marketingbecomes clear that email marketing is no longer about getting methods. Always consider if the subject of your email is going toyour email to consumer inboxes – it is about keeping it there. be pertinent to the recipient - dont risk frustrating your valuableConsumers respond to about one in ten emails they receive each customers by blindly sending them every single campaign youday. They are also deciding which email stays in their inbox and run.what gets filtered or unsubscribed. Organizations that succeed inestablishing and maintaining customer relationships using email 3. Follow the lawwill have a competitive advantage. Many countries have laws that govern online behavior and user’s experience. Be responsible; educate customers about email lawsCurrent Email Marketing Practices and relevant privacy issues. Spam, security issues and what youThe good news is that few of your competitors have changed are doing about it. Tell them about the new practices andtheir email marketing practices in the past five years. They still technologies you have implemented to make them safe andsend non-personalized, bulk email. Studies vary, but it appears show them how to change their preferences or opt-out of lists.that only two out of ten do even basic personalization, such assalutation. Less than one out of ten has implemented 4. Select your vendor wiselysophisticated programs leveraging CRM data and dynamic Beware of cheap email products. It is easy to use an email blastercontent. product, the market is full of them and you can’t beat the price. Unfortunately, many of them lack even basic opt-out ability and10 Steps to Effective Email Marketing provide marketers with minimal visibility of delivery rates,1. Identify yourself frequency control and other advanced features that enableClearly identify yourself by knowing your customer better. With organizations to implement responsible email practices‘phishing’ attacks on the rise, consumers can’t assume the emailthey get from you is in fact you, despite what the ‘from’ and 5. Integrate online and offline channels‘subject’ lines say. You can ask recipients, for example, to add Multi-channel programs are a process, not an event. We will haveyour email address to their address book to prevent over- succeeded when email becomes part of an integrated multi-zealous spam filters preventing your email from being delivered. channel dialogue we have with customers. Use offlineIn addition, ensuring that you address your customers by their communications to make consumers aware of your onlinename in the email will help them to realize your email is practices and the benefits of signing up. Don’t speak to your 1/3
  4. 4. White Paper Building the Business Case for Operational Marketingcustomers just using email. Get to know them better than that 9. Manage the frequencyand watch your conversations increase and opt-outs drop. Consumers ultimately control frequency. It is important that you know exactly how many emails your enterprise is sending to a6. Authenticate your emails customer. Ensure no individual receives too many emails as aSupport email authentication initiatives and ensure your email result of different departments using the same lists of having thecomplies. Spam is a problem because it is too easy and cheap to same individual on multiple lists. Consumers expect you to besend email. While new techniques like DomainKeys and SPF more sophisticated that that, so if you don’t control thewon’t stop the more sophisticated spammers, they do help. They frequency, they will.also raise the cost of spamming, the other key driver of spam.Look for new email authentication solutions to come that also 10. Shape the customer experienceraise the cost of sending email. If what you say, and when you say it, is always relevant then you are doing more than informing a customer about your product –7. Explore your customers’ preferences you are helping to create a customer experience. ThoseThe starting point for customer preference management is companies that fail to take the importance of the customer’sensuring that you send email only to recipients who have opted- emotions into account will not be able to interact with themin to receive your communications. Following the opt-in process, effectively, regardless of product strength, brand and marketimplement a customer preference page and ensure every email category or market sizehas a link to this page. Preference pages give recipients theopportunity to select the frequency, format and type of About Alterian Dynamic MessengerTMcommunications they wish to receive. This ensures your Alterian Dynamic MessengerTM empowers marketers to fullycommunications are appropriate, relevant, compliant, and will be leverage the marketing database as a singleread. And get creative with the page itself, it’s a great way to source of customer insight with analytics, reporting and emailgather additional information – ask customers for feedback, do marketing execution capabilities. Marketers are now able to thinksurveys, display survey results, pitch new services and include beyond lists and emails to full database marketing and multi-offline preferences. Interactive newsletters, for example, are a channel capabilities. Outbound email campaigns can now begreat way to stay in touch, gather information about your enhanced by incorporating landing pages, truly dynamic andcustomers preferences and make yourself accessible to them. If tracked RSS feeds, pURLs, microsites, surveys, coupons andyou ensure you keep your newsletters interesting and relevant to registration forms.your customers they will view them as a way they cancommunicate regularly with you. Dynamic MessengerTM is a comprehensive online marketing solution that incorporates analytics, campaign management,8. Segment your audience email deployment, content management and online responseIn terms of audience segmentation, email is no different from management. It has sophisticated permission-based userdirect marketing communications through any channel. The opt- management that accommodates multiple levels of access forin process and preference pages are the starting point for email varied user roles and provides a centralized platform for capturingsegmentation and utilizing additional segmentation strategies and reporting on campaign and activity data.based on data such as campaign history, purchase history, RFManalysis, or demographic data offers the ability to build timely, For more information about Dynamic MessengerTM and therelevant communications. Sending a blast of emails to your Alterian Marketing Services Platform please visitentire database and hoping some of them reach those customers www.alterian.com or email us at info@alterian.com.who are actually interested in your product or service is now athing of the past. 2/3
  5. 5. White Paper 10 Steps to Effective Email MarketingAbout AlterianAlterian (LSE: ALN) empowers marketers with an integratedmarketing software platform combining database, online andoperational marketing applications on a shared datainfrastructure. The Alterian Integrated Marketing Platform makesit practical and cost effective for marketers to use actionableinsight to execute an integrated marketing strategy across onlineand offline channels.It is the unique integration of analytics, content and executionthrough Alterian’s industry leading tools, such as the AlterianMessenger email platform, and the award winning Alterian WebContent Management solutions, which enables marketers todrive a seamless, multi-channel customer experience.Alterian’s analytically-led software is delivered to approximately1,000 marketing departments, across 26 countries, and aninternational network of more than 100 business partners,including marketing services providers, agencies and systemsintegrators. Its partners, such as Accenture, Acxiom, AllantGroup, Cap Gemini, Carlson Marketing, Experian, Epsilon,InfoUSA, LogicaCMG, Merkle, Ogilvy One and Euro RSCGWorldwide, deliver Alterian software alongside their own domainand services expertise to help market leaders such as PrincessCruises, General Motors, Zurich, Astra Zeneca, HSBC, LimitedToo, AEGON, Avis, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, Dell,Amnesty International and Vodafone integrate marketingprocesses and drive competitive advantage. For moreinformation about Alterian, products within the AlterianIntegrated Marketing Platform or our Partner Network, pleasevisit www.alterian.com. 3/3
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