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Agency Partner Activation

The difficult thing to get done in most partnership conversations is to gain full buy-in on what the partnership is going to require. Here's how.

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Agency Partner Activation

  1. 1. AGENCY ACTIVATION STRATEGIES SECTION 1 SECTION 2 SECTION 3 ACTIVATING Joint venture partnerships Partner track buy-in (by agency size) Incentives to commit to the end tier Partner Memorandum SOFTWARE Community LMS Data Projects RESOURCES Partner Track template List of resources to help the agency Miro board for communication Joint venture infographic
  2. 2. Partner Activation Concepts and strategies to get buy-in from partners and keep them engaged in the program. 1
  3. 3. CONCEPT: JOINT VENTURES 1. Shared investment 2. Shared expenses 3. Technical expertise 4. New market penetration 5. New revenue streams 6. Intellectual property 7. Synergy 8. Credibility 9. Barriers to competition 10. Improved economies of scale 10 ASPECTS OF JOINT VENTURES YOU CAN USE TO SELL YOUR PARTNERSHIP. Read the article on Joint Ventures.
  4. 4. Read the article on Joint Ventures. We'll share a link. JOINT VENTURES HOW TO RUN PARTNERSHIPS LIKE JOINT VENTURES 01 Meet. Setup a time with your partners to run this exercise. 02 Partnership Memorandum Create a timeline with what your agency is going to do, when, how... 03 Commit Allow your partner to fill out the same thing right next to that timeline so they can visually match it. 04 Signatures Then, you both sign it. 05 Gantt Next, you take that gantt- style timeline into you Project Management solution. 06 Collaborate Finally, invite your partner to the board so they are clear where you are at and what's happening. 07
  5. 5. PARTNER TRACK Do you have a progressive partner track to put new agencies on? Is the end of that track worth getting to? Are you gaining their verbal commitment and setting goals with clear dates? Are you holding them accountable to get through the track? Questions to discuss: 1. 2. 3. 4.
  6. 6. Tim, Loop Club High-growth Shopify agency looking to create courses to build his brand and partnerships. Gray, Zenpilot Sells to other agencies, "Power Partner" - his entire agency is built on one partnership. Ashley, Hawke Media Does not refer software to clients or strategize services. She works partners into their marketing in numerous ways. APPEALING TO DIFFERENT AGENCY PERSONAS Remember who you are talking to / approaching when you are in conversation so you can structure your presentation / incentives / offer to that persona. Connor, Aptitude 8 <20 employee B2B HubSpot implementation expert agency doubling down on RevOps.
  7. 7. INCENTIVES TO GAIN COMMITMENT "Make them famous." It's your job to make sure your partners are in the spotlight; Directory, blog, on templates/themes/case studies... And of course, not until they finish onboarding and training. REPEATING These are repeating so you are able to use them as carrots for every new partner as they onboard, any time. Repeating showcase articles, webinars, co-marketing and training round tables... In order to participate in these repeating events and articles, you have to meet minimum requirements: Onboard fully, Getting one new account set up, Taking training modules... EXCLUSIVE EYEBALLS
  8. 8. PARTNER MEMORANDUM This is a part of Partner onboarding top tech and agencies use to ensure both teams are not only aligned, but have documented what each are expected to do, when and why.
  9. 9. The enablement tech stack Platforms and solutions too consider for tracking, training and enablement of your tech partners. 2
  10. 10. PROGRESSION OF THE PARTNER ENABLEMENT STACK LMS, Community and data tools - the progression.
  11. 11. Full Everything you need - events, training center, messaging, groups, social feed... 01 Lightweight Easier to manage and works in agencies current workflow. 02 To consider Other options that may be worth considering. 03 RECOMMENDED COMMUNITY PLATFORMS Progress from chat groups to a community, finally to a community with training and events.
  12. 12. PROJECTS Gantt-style - create a resource for your partners to use to run it as a project. STEP 1 - LIST STEPS / TIMELINE 01 02 03 One with a frontend view for those with the URL - Airtable, ClickUp, Teamwork, Monday... STEP 2 - FIND A PM SOLUTION Load all of the partners as tiles/tasks to the appropriate stage of the program they are in. STEP 3 - LOAD STEPS AND PARTNERS
  13. 13. Resources Screenshare and actual share of the resources we suggest using to build out your partner activation strategy. 3
  14. 14. THANK YOU I hope you got something out of this! Email Address Resources