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Portfolio Piece 3


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Portfolio Piece 3

  1. 1. A Collection of Garments Sewn by Alexandra Filazzola
  2. 2.  The following slides show 3 garments that I made in Dr. Hannel’s TMD 325 course in the Spring of 2009. These couture pieces; an A-line skirt, a pair of wide leg pants, and a shirtwaist dress were tailored by me to specifically fit my body. With the help of Dr. Hannel’s patterns, I first made trial pieces out of muslin before the finished product made of my choice of fabric and notions.
  3. 3.  Although I had to spend many extra hours in the sewing lab, and was incredibly overwhelmed at times, the proud feeling I had when I finished each garment was worth it all. I have not sewn very much since this class but hope to continue my learning of sewing and keep it as a hobby for myself.
  4. 4. Purple cotton knee length skirt withinvisible back zipper.Slip sewn in after the class ended for myown personal usage.
  5. 5. 2 front darts and 2 back darts combinedwith a fold-over waistband create shape.2 side seams and a center back seammeans the skirt is made of 3 pieces.
  6. 6. A very challenging garment to constructbut one of my favorite pieces to wear forsummer.
  7. 7. White cotton pant with embossed floralpattern.Front zipper with hook and eye closureon waistband.Front pockets
  8. 8. Navy blue heavy cotton dress with shell-like iridescent buttons.2 front and 2 back darts help createshape for my petite frame.Belt made from extra fabric
  9. 9. Known as my “lucky dress” because I wasgiven an impromptu interview and thejob after simply handing in myapplication while wearing this dress!
  10. 10.  Before taking this class I had never sewn a full garment; at the most I was going to local thrift shops and re-sizing clothing to fit me. I am very proud of these garments. Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio
  11. 11.  Phone: 631-332-9757 Find me on LinkedIn