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Docker Cambridge: Serverless Functions Made Simple with OpenFaaS


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My deck from Docker Cambridge Meetup on OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple.

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Docker Cambridge: Serverless Functions Made Simple with OpenFaaS

  1. 1. Serverless Functions Made Simple OpenFaaS DOCKER CAMBRIDGE @alexellisuk
  2. 2. What is Serverless? MicroserviceMicroserviceMicroservice Monolith Microservice Function Serverless evolu*on
  4. 4. “Alexa, how’s the weather?” { “intent”: “FindWeather” } { “speech”: “It’s 70 degrees” } Lambda Function
  5. 5. “Alexa, how’s the weather?” { “intent”: “FindWeather” } { “speech”: “It’s 70 degrees” } +
  6. 6. What are serverless use-cases? ANYTHING - WINDOWS/LINUX Image/Video conversion Machine Learning Mobile Back- ends / IoT HTTP API / Integrations Chat Bots Batch Jobs
  7. 7. How did OpenFaaS come about? STORY SO FAR • “Lambda but with containers for Alexa” • Dockercon Cool Hacks - “push Docker beyond what it was designed to do” • Since May • Top trending Open Source project overall • > 8k stars • Industry Award • Production users • Kubernetes, Nomad,, Cattle Commits: 876, Forks: 372 Stars: 6589
  8. 8. OpenFaaS top contributors and influencers You.. 1.3k commits, 60+ contributors, 533 forks
  9. 9. Comes in one flavor: Cloud Native API Gateway Function Watchdog Prometheus Swarm Kubernetes
  10. 10. HTTP body stdinrequest stdoutresponse “python3” headers body headers Forked process Function watchdog
  11. 11. Performance - fork vs After Burn HELLO-WORLD & APACHE-BENCH
  12. 12. OpenFaaS values Portable Developer- First Unsurprising UNIX-like Operator- Friendly Community- Centric Framework Developer Love Mobilized Cloud Native
  13. 13. Building a Twitter bot
  14. 14. Building a Twitter bot @COLORISEBOT Gateway Colorise Tweet-pic Normalise-color Minio Tweet-listener
  15. 15. Deployed in 60 seconds
  16. 16. How do I write a function? WRITE A HANDLER def handler(req): r = requests.get(req) print(r.status_code) requirements.txt Python Template Docker Image requests $ faas-cli new dockercon --lang python Container Registry
  17. 17. How do I arrange functions? provider: name: faas url-ping: lang: python handler: ./sample/url-ping image: of/url-ping environment: http_proxy: notify-slack: lang: python handler: ./sample/notify-slack image: of/notify-slack $ faas-cli build -f ./sample.yml $ faas-cli deploy -f ./sample.yml YAML STACK $ faas-cli new url-ping --lang python
  18. 18. Synchronous invocation IN STORE RETURNS marshal request Gateway Func: resizer HTTP
 200 Resize
  19. 19. Asynchronous invocation RETURN A PRODUCT BY MAIL NATS Queue marshal request Gateway Queue-worker dequeue Func: resizer HTTP
 200 HTTP
 200 Resize
  20. 20. Asynchronous invocation WITH A CALLBACK-URL Gateway Func: resizer HTTP
 200 http://x.y.z X-Callback-Url: hFp://x.y.z X-Callback-Url Resize
 Image Queue etc
  21. 21. Chaining demo
  22. 22. FanClub GetAvatar hFps:// Twitter Chaining demo - Fanclub HOW IT WORKS Polaroid
  23. 23. Chaining / workflows AS FUNCTIONS • Should be a function • A can call B directly • A can call B via gateway • Async • Director pattern (in documentation) • Helper library available
  24. 24. Providers, integrations and users DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT
  25. 25. Follow @openfaas for more