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Introduction of sino stone(2016)


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Sino Stone provided shear connector, ceramic ferrule, drawn arc stud welding machine for several years

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Introduction of sino stone(2016)

  1. 1. Introduction for Sino Stone Industrial Limited Produced by Admin
  2. 2. • Sino Stone Industrial Limited(Sino Stone) established at 15th Feb., 2016, focus on exporting shear connector, ceramic ferrule, stud welding machine, etc. Who we are
  3. 3. • Sino Stone’s share structure is simple, Alex Chao(85%) and Jack Sun(15%), who is the owner of Tianjin DST Fastener Co., Ltd in 1986. Alex Chao became a number of sale’s department and started to do domestic and international business in 2006. Shareholder of Sino Stone Sino Stone Alex Chao(85%) Jack Sun(15%)
  4. 4. Factory Show
  5. 5. • Quality Control Inspections are based on ISO9001:2008 Standards, and are implemented continually from raw materials to finished goods. We stand behind everything we manufacture and guarantee the absolute highest quality products to our customers. • A strict Quality Assurance System is being followed in all our departments and Total Quality Management is applied to streamline and all the procedures and practices in operation to achieve high standard of efficiency. Continuous efforts are being made for improvement of materials technology and equipment to give best quality products at the most affordable prices. Strict Quality Control
  6. 6. Certificates-FPC and CE
  7. 7. Certificates-ISO and CO
  8. 8. • With almost 30 years of manufacture and nearly 10 years of international sales experience on welding stud products, Sino Stone’s clients are from over 50 countries, such as Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, German, India, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United States, Viet Nam, etc. Clients are from over 50 countries and areas
  9. 9. Logo wall from parts of clients
  10. 10. Shear Connector Ceramic Ferrule Thyristor Drawn Arc Stud Welder Inverter Drawn Arc Stud Welder Main Products
  11. 11. Producing Line for Shear Connector
  12. 12. Material C Si Mn P S Cr Al Ni Cu Q235 0.12 0.18 0.44 0.024 0.015 - - - - SWRCH15A 0.15 0.03 0.41 0.01 0.06 0.03 0.063 0.01 0.03 SWRCH18A 0.18 0.06 0.77 0.014 0.008 0.002 0.0082 0.01 0.05 Shear Connector’s raw material • Sino Stone choose the famous Xingtai Steel factory to purchase the optimal raw materials with good mechanical properties and weld performance, which can ensure the shear connectors’ mechanical properties to match client’s different steel constructions.
  13. 13. Standard name Tensile strength(ReH) Yield point(Rm) Elongation(A5) BS EN ISO13918:2008 ≥450Mpa ≥350Mpa ≥15% ASW D1.1:2010 Type B ≥450Mpa ≥350Mpa ≥15% in 5x dia. ≥20% in 2 in. AS/NZS 1554.2:2003 ≥410Mpa ≥345Mpa ≥12% JIS B 1198:2011 400~550Mpa ≥235Mpa ≥20% (in 2ch.) BS5400-6 ≥495Mpa ≥385Mpa ≥15% GB/T 10433:2002 ≥400Mpa ≥320Mpa ≥14% Mechanical Properties between different standards Sino Stone's shear connector can be produced as per client’s requirement.
  14. 14. Drawing of Shear Connector
  15. 15. d1-0.4(a,e) 10 13 16 19 22 25 d5±0.3 19 25 32(d) 32 35 41 d3(c) 13 17 21 23 29 31 h3+1/-0.5 7 8 8 10 10 12 h4(c) 2.5 3 4.5 6 6 7 α±2.5° 22.5° 22.5° 22.5° 22.5° 22.5° 22.5° l1±1.5 l2(b,c)+3 l2(b,c)+3 l2(b,c)+4 l2(b,c)+4.5 l2(b,c)+5 l2(b,c)+5.5 Size as per ISO13918:2008 a Excess diameter or production impressions in the shaft area below the head are permitted up to 0.5mm, provided they do not affect proper plunge. b Tolerance on l2 is +1/-2 mm. c For special conditions, e.g. through-deck stud welding, the dimensions and the tolerances are not applicable. d May be reduced to 29mm for shear application. e Use of the optional dimension depends on national regulations.
  16. 16. Dimension as per standard
  17. 17. • Sino Stone uses 3 die 3 blow cold forging machine to produce shear connector with chamfer which depends on the mold of cold forging machine. • It can’t produce the shear stud with chamfer when using one die two blow cold forging machine, which is popular with most factory in Handan City of Hebei Province. Chamfer or not? Note: You seldom find the shear connector with chamfer in the factory of Handan City in Hebei province, this is one season for their low price.
  18. 18. • There are two ways to clean oil after the shear stud by cold forging. Sino Stone uses new cleaning oil machine(left photo), most factories in Handan use the rotating cylinder which is full of shear stud and wooden piece together. Cleaning Oil Process
  19. 19. • Most factories in China install aluminum ball by hand. However, Sino Stone uses automatic riveting machine to install it. Installing aluminum ball process
  20. 20. • Thear are two types packaging for shear connector: – Barrel&Pallet: About 200kgs/barrel, 6barrels/pallet – Carton&Pallet: About 25kgs/carton, 36cartons/pallet Package of Shear Connector
  21. 21. • UF ceramic ferrule is designed for unthreaded stud and shear connector, there are two types of UF type, one is for normal welding with 20 teeth, another is for through deck(it is also called thru-deck) welding with 8 teeth. Ceramic Ferrule
  22. 22. Package of Ceramic Ferrule
  23. 23. Application Steel Structure Machine Project Ship Building Bridge building Civil Engineering Power station Burning System Petrifaction Device Decoration Project Application of Shear Connector
  24. 24. Pictures of Applications
  25. 25. Good Welding Display
  26. 26. Welding Sketch Welding torch 工件 Ground cable Welding cableControl cable 3~380V Ground connection Power cable
  27. 27. Thyristor Draw Arc Stud Welder
  28. 28. Inverter Draw Arc Stud Welder
  29. 29. Stud Welding Gun/Torch Control cable Open this cap to adjust the lifting height Welding cable Stud clamp Support plate of ceramic ring Adjust the stud length
  30. 30. Package of Machine
  31. 31. Contact Info • Name: Alex Chao • E-mail: • Cell: +8618911149227 Tks for your attention!