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5 Actionable Growth Hacks For B2B SaaS


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This is a presentation from an infographic I created with 5 growth hacks for B2B SaaS that are highly actionable (can be performed in most businesses in 1 day or less)

I hope you will find it useful and for more growth hacking for B2B SaaS feel free to visit my blog at:

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5 Actionable Growth Hacks For B2B SaaS

  1. 1. 5 Actionable Growth Hacks September 2015 Created by Alex at
  2. 2. Get Your Happy Customers To Share Your SaaS This Growth Hack, used by Baremetrics, uses human psychology in a clever way, to get their happy users to share Baremetrics. 1
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE Social Sharing
  4. 4. Send an email and tell them "Can I ask you 2 questions?" How to do it 1 To those that score over 7 send them a second email Ask them how likely is it to recommend your SaaS In the second email thank them and give them a prepopulated tweet 2 3 4
  5. 5. Get Extra Monthly Traffic To Your Blog in 10 minutes This Growth Hack is used by Alex Chaidaroglou for blogs that post consistently to drive some extra traffic every month for free. 2
  6. 6. OBJECTIVE Traffic
  7. 7. Go to and search for your category How to do it 1 Register and submit your blog Then go to You will need to have an RSS feed and meet some criteria 2 3 4
  8. 8. Co-promote your SaaS integrations This Growth Hack is used by Alex at GrooveHQ. Before they prioritize and launch an integration with another SaaS, they talk with that SaaS and organize a co-promotion, if possible. 3
  9. 9. OBJECTIVE Growth
  10. 10. Make a list of potential integrations How to do it 1 Reach out before the integration. Ask if the other SaaS is willing to promote it with you Find the sweet spot of user usability and promotional potential Craft a mutual promotion plan of the integration to benefit both SaaS 2 3 4
  11. 11. Get 300-500 Signups To Your Beta This Growth Hack is used by Matthew Barby and he mentions it on his website. Think of it as a light version of Product Hunt for startups in beta. 4
  12. 12. OBJECTIVE Beta Signups
  13. 13. Go to How to do it 1 Follow the instructions, but there is no guarantee you will be featured. Click "Submit startup" and sign in with Twitter On average, startups on BetaList get 300-500 signups. 2 3 4
  14. 14. Get your competitors' traffic who want an alternative This Growth Hack is used by many, but I first saw it on a SlideShare presentation by ClavainSkade. Sometimes people just don't want your competitors. Why not you then? 5
  15. 15. OBJECTIVE Competitors' Traffic
  16. 16. Go to google or any other major search engine How to do it 1 Search for discussion boards, like Quora Search for "is there an alternative to <competitor's name>?" Once you find this question, go and write your SaaS as an alternative, but be upfront about working there 2 3 4
  17. 17. Go do one of them today At least one of them will be applicable for instant implementation to your startup. Don't wait, go do it today.
  18. 18. This infographic is brought to you by Alex at Alex is a B2B SaaS Growth Marketer. Thanks to Josh at Baremetrics, Alex at GrooveHQ, Matthew Barby and Clavain Skade for doing these growth hacks. ----- Growth Hack #1: Not publicly available Growth Hack #2: Not publicly available Growth Hack #3: Growth Hack #4: Growth Hack #5: WeeklyGrowth