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Alex Cernatescu - IMWORLD 2012 - Keynote Presentation About Gamification


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Gamification presentation by Alex Cernatescu , Infinit Solutions Agency's CEO , at Internet and Mobile World 2012 - ROMEXPO

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Alex Cernatescu - IMWORLD 2012 - Keynote Presentation About Gamification

  1. 1. The secret of gamification Why and how it works? Alex Cernatescu CEO & Head of Strategy
  2. 2. What is gamification?Gamification is the action of motivating peopleby using game design strategies in non-gamesituations.
  3. 3. What is gamification?
  4. 4. • When applied correctly, Gamification can turn non-game situations around—motivating employees or customers to complete certain actions that are good and in the interest of your business.
  5. 5. • The motivators can be many things including points awarded toward certain goals, badges, level progression, achievements, virtual currency and more.• They can never be financial as it is against gamification principles.
  6. 6. How far can we take gamification?
  7. 7. How far can we take gamification?• Engaging multiplayer consumer experience• Live CRM• Loyalty system• Virtual currency• Virtual to real currency converter• ORIGINAL OWNED MEDIA CHANNEL• The list goes on.All in one “game”.
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