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5 Trends That Will Actually Revolutionize Digital Marketing


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My view of the top 5 socio-technological trends that will actually revolutionize digital marketing in the next 1-3 years. Also in the presentation you will find some examples of tradigital projects we did for some of our clients (the stands and digital kiosks).

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5 Trends That Will Actually Revolutionize Digital Marketing

  1. 1. new trends that will actually revolutionize digital marketing 5 Alexandru Cernatescu Group CEO & Co-Founder
  2. 2. not just functional design but, trans-functional design
  3. 3. what will this change? products can be build based on other products mash-ups can deliver more value to the consumers trends can be seen early on and used in owned product innovation
  4. 4. picture destination...
  5. 5. not just multiscreen or omni channel but cross device brand experience 2
  6. 6. what will this change? consumer experience and journey optimization brand Experience on Demand gamification at its best & a couple of more things 2
  7. 7. insurance journey example 2 let’s imagine a scenario…. a friend’s house (his policy + my phone) my house (my laptop) my car (my phone + gps (or iDash)) at the movies (or anywhere similar) facebook (on any of the above)
  8. 8. 3not just programmatic, AI – cognitive adaptive systems + hyper personalization
  9. 9. 3what will this change? this will help address the marathon vs. sprint need of marketing make the interaction feel more human to the consumer make the consumer REALLY feel in the center make the targeting feel less like stalking and spying, and more like HELPING micro locations will generate many opportunities
  11. 11. generic vs. you (at that time and place) Male 30 something Urban-ish
  12. 12. generic vs. you (at that time and place) Cristian Manafu 34 y.o. From Bucharest, currently lives there Likes Startrek so he might be interested in a XZ model, therefore we need to present something in that line His current behavior shows that he is looking for a new car His last 2 car configurations were black, so he loves that color He always left our website with the car configured from the front left side He previously purchased a car from us, XY model And more and more….. Male 30 something Urban-ish
  13. 13. not just promoters with tablets but the rise (and stay) of digital pos engagement 4
  14. 14. what will this change?4instant gratification at the point of sale possibility of exploring more before buying “Marketing as a service” POINT OF SALE must become “POINT OF FUN”, POINT OF “UTILITY”, POINT OF “LEARNING” etc… TRUE content generation / more social validation for brands
  15. 15. wearables virtual Reality augmented (Holo) Reality
  16. 16. 5creativity is getting new axes, shift of (more) creativity towards media agencies (and tech companies)
  17. 17. MADMEN
  18. 18. MATHMEN
  19. 19. 5what will this change? a new generation of creative marketing technologists is needed they ARE coming media placement is becoming as important as the media neutral concept itself
  20. 20. simplified and holistic view & now let’s connect the dots
  21. 21. connecting the dots in the last 4-5 years, we saw the consumer experience starting to integrate across the physical and digital environment. in the next 1-3 years the change will be radical most of the technologies needed to make this scenario happen are already available now all we need to do is connect the dots and create viable, consumer oriented tradigital ecosistems
  22. 22. THANK YOU. questions?Alexandru Cernatescu Group CEO & Co-Founder