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Interactive guide draft


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Published in: Sports, Education
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Interactive guide draft

  1. 1. Interactive guide - Harrow ENTER SITE
  2. 2. Interactive Guide Home About Us Places This website will tell you many of the activities available in Harrow and the surrounding areas, along with reviews and ratings from visitors and the opportunity to add new places not listed! HARROW
  3. 3. About Us Home About Us Places We realised that actually there aren’t any websites showing you the attractions and activities happening near you, so we decided to change this. We made this online Interactive guide to make this job much easier. It also shows you the areas near Harrow, unlike most being just one borough. This means you can look at the ones actually near you placed on a map easily. Click your nearest area on the left to find the places there and the surrounding areas.
  4. 4. Places Home About Us Places Stanmore Click each link on the left, to show the activities Bushey available in your area.Harrow (Centre)Wealdstone Harrow Edgware
  5. 5. Stanmore Home About Us Places Stanmore Stanmore has a large amount of history, being the home Bushey of Bentley Priory – used in the war with the RAF.Harrow (Centre) Stanmore BroadwayWealdstone High Street – Includes Library, many restaurants and a Sainsburys Supermarket. Harrow Edgware Golf Club Located in a more suburban area, and being 100 years old and challenging makes it appealing to many Aspire Works with those with Spinal Cord injuries, as well as having leisure facilities open to the public
  6. 6. Bushey Home About Us Places Stanmore Bushey is located in the Borough of Hertfordshire, and is Bushey mainly know as a small town, close to Watford.Harrow (Centre) Golf ClubWealdstone Has a 9 hole course, as well as many other facilities such as a restaurant and a gym. Harrow Edgware High Street Consists of a large number of shops, many being indivudual And being in close reach of Watford town centre for more shops King George Park Includes a café, play area, paddling pool, tennis courts, as well as 2 car parks and a basketball court.
  7. 7. Harrow (Centre) Home About Us Places Stanmore Harrow town centre, is where a large number of shops Bushey are located – including two shopping centres.Harrow (Centre) Bus StationWealdstone Includes destinations to many places, as well as Harrow On the Hill Station, on the Metropolitan Underground line Harrow Edgware Cinemas There are two main cinemas, vue, in the shopping centre and the Safari Cinema in the nearby highstreet Shopping Centres Has 2 shopping centres, St Georges and St Anns, as well As a large high street outside, next to a bus and tube station
  8. 8. Wealdstone Home About Us Places Stanmore Wealdstone is the home to many shops, as well as Bushey encompassing Harrow Weald and its facilities.Harrow (Centre) Bus GarageWealdstone Destinations such as Hayes, Brent Cross, Watford, Edgware, Stanmore, South Harrow, Oxford Circus. Harrow Edgware In Shops A selection of shops, in the centre of Wealdstone, near the Train Station meaning easy access The Wealdstone Centre Includes many facilities, such as a library, café, as well as many other facilites such as a healthy living centre.
  9. 9. Harrow Home About Us Places Stanmore Harrow, a borough in London, is close to Bushey Barnet, Hertfordshire, and Brent.Harrow (Centre) Harrow MuseumWealdstone One of the most historic sites in Harrow Harrow Edgware Harrow School One of the most known schools in the country – where most Prime ministers and great minds come from Harrow Arts Centre Includes many plays and dramas put on throughout the year, as well as other clubs for children throughout the holidays.
  10. 10. Edgware Home About Us Places Stanmore Edgware is a small town, located both in Barnet and Bushey Harrow, consisting of a large high street and bus stationHarrow (Centre) Edgware BroadwalkWealdstone Includes many shops, as well as a large high street outside with good placement as next to bus and tube station Harrow Edgware St Lawrence Church Once Gilbert was an organist, as well as having beautiful grounds and bell ringing. Edgware Hospital Located on Burnt Oak Broadway, meaning easy bus access and many has a large car park, as well as disabled places.