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Masthead font choices


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Masthead font choices

  1. 1. Masthead Font Choices UTC TRIBAL (1) CASLON INITIAL (2) BOX CLEVER (3) SCATTERBRAINED (4) FREEBSC (5) VITAMIN (6) ANAGRAM (7) ALFRED DRAKE (8)The above examples of mastheads were obtained from
  2. 2. MASTHEAD ANALYSIS:(1)- I enjoy the look of UTC TRIBAL; however I feel that the font style issomething more related to metal/heavy music, and I am choosing to stay awayfrom those kinds of genres in my magazine. Due to this I have decided to ruleout this text for my magazine masthead.(2)- CASLON INITIAL is closer to the theme I want to portray to my targetaudience, and I prefer these warm colours with the curvature of the letters. Thefont style signifies the word “Loop” more than the others, as it literally loopsand twirls in a style that is more flashy and pristine than the others. Thismasthead font is one I may consider.(3)- BOX CLEVER graphically looks quite advanced, and this would appear moreeye-catching to the target audience I need to impress. On the other hand, thestyle again is something I cannot quite see fitting my magazine style, which willbe something unique, stylish and suave. Due to these reasons I have decided torule out this font choice for the masthead of my front cover.(4)-SCATTERBRAINED is definitely a font I would relate more to the style of themagazine. Like the font suggests, it is kind of scatter-brained as well as eye-catching and graphically advanced. I enjoy the colours also, which evokeemotions of style and commotion. This will be one of the mastheads I will thinkabout for my magazine front cover.(5)-FREEBSC I feel is a lot more simplistic than the other fonts, yet its simplicitygives it class and style. I also feel that the word loop, like CASLON INITIAL, isrepresented well in the style of the font. However, I am not sure whether thesimplicity of the masthead is something I would like in my music magazine, andtherefore I am unable to decide whether I would use this font or not.(6)- VITAMIN is similar to SCATTERBRAINED and is closer to theme I would likefor my music magazine; I enjoy the spikes of colour emerging from the words‘loop’ as it gives the title an extra way of standing out. For this reason I thinkthat it could make a good masthead. However, the actual font seems to beslightly too bubble-like to be considered for the word ‘loop’.
  3. 3. (7)- ANAGRAM I feel is an interesting font, as it is clear and defined. However, Ido not feel it would suit the style of my magazine, which would include fontsthat are more thin and detailed. This font is to block-like for my liking andtherefore I have decided I will not use this font for my masthead.(8)- ALFRED DRAKE seems to be relatively promising as a font, as it is accurate tothe style of magazine I would like to produce. The shimmer of light it portraysand the warm colours it would give a welcoming vibe to the target audience,therefore I will consider using this as my masthead for my magazine.DECISION ON MASTHEAD:I have decided to narrow my choices down from 8 to 4, choosing (2), (4), (6), and (8).1. 2.3. 4.(I will find people to give me feedback on each masthead, as well as their favorite.)
  4. 4. Final MastHead Choice I have decided to leave the final choice of my masthead to the decision of others, so I have been given feedback on all four of the Mastheads when it comes to the pros and cons of each one. Due to this, number 2. Has been chosen.I think that if had been left to me, I would of chosen the same Masthead. The reasons Ithink this will suit my music magazine the most is because of its vibrancy as well as itsrigidity. It gives a flashy and graphically advanced representation of my alternative/indiemagazine. Some comments I received from my feedback sheet included things like “veryorigonal looking” and “adds individuality”. Whilst these comments convince me this title isthe best way to stress identity and definability, I had other comments like “has the feel of ametal magazine”, and because of this I am considering changing the colour scheme to agreen or a blue. I feel this will add less hostility to the Masthead and hopefully make itseem less metal/rock based for a magazine. Another advantage to this masthead is that itvis easy to read and is also quite pristine looking, yet messy. I have decided that these colours suit my music magazine the most, and therefore Ihave decided to use it for the masthead of my front cover. #