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Evaluation q2


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Evaluation q2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary products? Q2
  2. 2. Brand identity – Creating Nangreave RoadFor my demographic viewers, I aimed for a On my billboard, I included the e4 logo andtarget audience of students, aged from 16 to banner, clearly displayed in the familiar way an actuallate 20s. I wanted the typical student e4 billboard has. This is e4’s brand identity and isrepresentations to be portrayed through my clearly recognised by my target audience.soap trailer, front cover and billboard toenhance the reality of the soap and to providean interest for my specific target audience. Ithought the channel e4 would be perfect formy genre of soap as e4 is already well knownfor having a younger target audience.-
  3. 3. Soap magazine conventions Button Date and price Large masthead Characters written by first names Specific colour scheme. Very bold colours to draw attention. Capitalisation to enhance textVariety of soaps Rhetorical question toincluded involve reader Main image in centre of cover Barcode
  4. 4. My soap magazine - conventions Large masthead Date and price Button Specific colour scheme. Very bold colours to draw attention.Variety of soapsincluded Main image in centre of coverCanted heading Capitalisation to enhance text Characters written by first Rhetorical question to names involve reader Barcode
  5. 5. Brand identity – Creating Nangreave Road I made sure that “Nangreave Road was written in each of my ancillary products. I made sure that two of the main characters of my soap trailer were the main focus on my front cover so that my audience will easily be able to recognise the soap.
  6. 6. Representing my demographic and stereotypes Like smoking, drugs are also an issue in the youth of today and therefore would be very affective in the realism of my soap trailer.Smoking is a stereotypical factor ofmodern teenagers and therefore myspecific target audience will relateto this. I included a fight in my soap trailer in the context of cheating in relationships. This is very typical of modern teenagers and is a great representation of todays teenagers. The clothing of the stars in my soap wear very modern fashion, to intensify the genre and the type of people in my soap.
  7. 7. GenreI wanted to make sure that my soap represented the social themes that arerepresented around modern youth. I also wanted to bring up issues that manydifferent types of people can relate to.Social themes• Smoking• Drugs• Pregnancy The air time of my soap targets my demographic as it• Fights is late on a school night when most teenagers would• Jealousy tend to be at home.• Bitching• Alcohol
  8. 8. My target audience and social representations
  9. 9. Representing a region Similar to the soap Waterloo Road, I wanted to make my soap a school based soap with the majority of the characters being teenagers. Therefore most of the filming for my soap trailer was done in a college to give the trailer a more realistic feel to it. People from the area of Stockport will immediately recognise Aquinas College and therefore this could be used as my brand identity.