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NASCAR, USGA, NHL - Getting to Yes on Innovation


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Overcoming objections to get team buy-in on new in-venue sponsorship activation. (from the team at

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NASCAR, USGA, NHL - Getting to Yes on Innovation

  1. 1. NASCAR, USGA, NHL – Getting to Yes on Innovation
 Overcoming objections to get team buy-in on new in-venue sponsorship activation. LEARNINGS FROM INSIDERS - BY THE TEAM AT BRIZICAM.COM
  2. 2. There are a growing number of digital and data driven fan experience options, and maybe there’s one you’ve got your eye on. Let’s skillfully develop a game plan to get your entire organization on board! BRIZICAM.COM
  3. 3. BRIZICAM.COM A. Sponsorship/Media Rights — A unique sponsorable activation can help your sponsorship team keep large sponsors approaching the end of their partnership term — Give you new ammo to approach new or stale sponsor prospects — It can help you bundle unsold inventory into new packages — Gives you valuable new inventory to go after new or stale prospects — Can increase the value of your rights fees — Elevates reputation of property to “world class” What’s in it for me?
  4. 4. BRIZICAM.COM Deloitte/USGA partnership renewal “By leveraging the power of data, we are building new ways for golfers and the golf industry to connect and learn, and the investment we are making in technology now should help empower the game long into the future. Our work with Deloitte continues to show us the many possibilities that lie ahead.” Mike Davis, CEO of the USGA. “…Deloitte not only wants to help the USGA grow the game, but increase engagement and inclusion by helping the modern golfer better connect to the game leveraging digital technology.” said Cathy Engelbert, CEO of Deloitte Example
  5. 5. BRIZICAM.COM B. Marketing — Create new excitement and buzz during and after the event — Modern fan engagement technology tends to have a big social component, which helps amplify event activity — Gives a new story to tell for promotional activity — Can drive new ticket sales What’s in it for me?
  6. 6. BRIZICAM.COM NASCAR drives ticket sales through auxiliary experiences “[when it comes to ticket sales]… fans put nearly 20 percent greater relative importance on being ‘delighted’ in the stadium before, during, and after the race through tailored and unique experiences, and other entertainment options.” (using NASCAR as the example)
 (Deloitte Study) Example
  7. 7. BRIZICAM.COM NHL investment in technology & ability to produce digital content, key to sponsorship “It’s clear why sponsors choose the NHL as a business partner. They point to the unmatched passion and loyalty of fans for their favorite team, as well as the league, and the effective marketing platform this provides. The NHL is committed to generating exciting digital content, collecting statistical data for fans to analyze and offering unique content on its social media platforms to enhance the overall fan experience – making the league an important target for any company’s marketing and sponsorship team.” (Scotia Bank) Example
  8. 8. BRIZICAM.COM C. Game Operations — Modern fan activation is often powered by modern, scalable, tech, this reduces the requirement for more man hours to deploy and provides better management tools (if any are required) What’s in it for me?
  9. 9. BRIZICAM.COM Tigris, marketing agency working with sports sponsors like CenturyLink & Ricoh “…we are spending less time on a previously manual process… it’s just how the sponsorship industry has been evolving,” said Kelly Baird, VP of Operations & Client Services at Tigris. “Specifically on behalf of the client… to provide them a turnkey solution and a platform that they can use for all their different sponsorships…” (FSO) Example
  10. 10. BRIZICAM.COM — Ask for different payment terms, up-front, vs per-game, vs performance-based — Modern activation benefits everyone in your organization, ask marketing for part of their budget, ask game-ops for part of theirs — Pull case studies, get the vendor involved, talk to industry peers, and collect data to show how the activation delivers against your, your sponsor’s, and your organization’s objectives How do we justify costs?
  11. 11. BRIZICAM.COM “We think about innovation in terms of incremental fan happiness. If fans are happy, they come back and spend more, and they have a better impression of the brands that helped deliver those experiences. It also makes every level of a sports org look good. That’s something anyone can get behind.” Evan Pancer, Sports Partnerships, Brizi
  12. 12. BRIZICAM.COM Thanks for reading About Brizi: Brizi lets anyone tap into nearby cameras to capture group memories at iconic places. Watch the video, see how it works. Get in touch: