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In-Venue Sponsor Activation of 
5 Major Brands at the Olympics


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We look at activation from Coke, Bridgestone, GE, Alibaba & Intel at the 2018 Winter Games, find the good, and opportunities to improve.

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In-Venue Sponsor Activation of 
5 Major Brands at the Olympics

  1. 1. In-Venue Sponsor Activation of 
 5 Major Brands at the Olympics
 Looking at Coca-Cola, Bridgestone, GE, Alibaba & Intel at the 2018 Winter Games LEARNINGS FROM INSIDERS - BY THE TEAM AT BRIZICAM.COM
  2. 2. 2018 Winter Olympics corporations in the four- year TOP sponsorship level spent approximately $100 million for the distinction before any activation spend. How did they activate? BRIZICAM.COM
  3. 3. BRIZICAM.COM Coca-Cola — 15-meter vending machine & photo cubes, sample Coke and share photos on social — Good: Highly engaging, large social reach — Opportunity: In single location, limiting participants, and social impact
  4. 4. BRIZICAM.COM Bridgestone — Olympic vehicles use Bridgestone tires — Good: Great showcase opportunity, nice case study — Opportunity: Limited visibility with visitors, no interaction
  5. 5. BRIZICAM.COM General Electric — Tech showcase + behind the scenes energy monitoring — Good: Provides real value, great case study — Opportunity: Largely unrecognized by event-goers, low interaction, limited buzz
  6. 6. BRIZICAM.COM Intel — Live drone display, and out-of- venue VR to showcase 5G — Good: Very memorable, large social buzz — Opportunity: Logistic problems risks showing product in poor light, limited in-venue engagement, not clear this is only possible thanks to Intel 5G
  7. 7. BRIZICAM.COM Alibaba — Large fan experience zones showcasing future Olympic technology — Good: Highly engaging & interactive, shows breadth of business — Opportunity: Not budget friendly, leaving ROI on the table
  8. 8. Risk-takers willingly embrace new technologies and ideas to help brands activate better. At the end of the day, it’s up to properties to help brands balance a high quality interaction, with a wide reach, and an effective cost when reaching their fans. BRIZICAM.COM
  9. 9. BRIZICAM.COM Thanks for reading About Brizi: Brizi lets anyone tap into nearby cameras to capture group memories at iconic places. Watch the video, see how it works. Get in touch: