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Compare and contrast


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Compare and contrast

  1. 1. Compare and Contrast The story of Ali Baba is an arabian folktale written by Walter Mcvitty. While the other story is the animated picture of "Aladdin". These two stories have a lot in common and also plenty of differences. In this writing piece I will tell you 4 similarities and differences between the two. One similarity is that both of these stories are arabian folktales. You can tell this by the names, setting, and also by the buildings of which they live in. Another similarity is that both of these stories have the same type of homes and landscape. This is showed in pictures, the movie as well as in discriptive details. By knowing the landscape it helps me picture what the setting was really like. Another similarity is that both of these folktales have large caves full of treasure and valuables. The caves both also have magic items and passwords that enchant the cave. One last similarity is that both stories have villains that are leaders of some sort. Like in Aladdin there is Jafar and in Ali Baba there is the leader of the 40 theivs. Now it is time for the differences. One
  2. 2. difference is that in Aladdin the main goal of the bad guy is to retrieve the lamp while in Ali Baba there is no object that is wanting to be retrieved by the bad guy. Another difference is that there are no animal companions in Ali Baba. While in Aladdin there is Abu. Another difference is that Ali Baba there is no kingdom or palace that is ruled by a king or queen. One last difference is that in Ali Baba there is no magic accesories, companions nor wishes. The only thing that is close to magic is the opening door of the cave. In this compare and contrast writing I have told you the differences between two Arabian Folktales. I did this to help me understand these two stories a little better and help me see what some arabian folktales have in common.