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Linkedin Advertising - Test Campaign


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Learn more about Linkedin Advertising and catch some tips about how to run Pay-Per-Clic Advertising Campaigns on the largest professional social network!

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Linkedin Advertising - Test Campaign

  1. 1. Alessia Turlon
  2. 2. Linkedin Users * Why Do People• Staying in touch with colleagues Use LinkedIn?• Networking with individuals in their industry• Joining groups to get news• Looking for a new position• Getting updates from other companies * Linkedin Data - January 2012
  3. 3. Linkedin Adv Tips & Rules
  4. 4. Where will my Ads be Displayed?On Linkedin• Profile Page (the profile of other LinkedIn members)• Home Page (at the top of pages in the text-only ad placement - with image and text in the right column and at the bottom of the page)• Inbox (the page where users see messages and invitations)• Search Results Page (the page where users search for members by name)• Groups (on pages in LinkedIn Groups)On the Linkedin Audience Network• A collection of partner websites (mantaining ads segmentation and allowing to reach Linkedin members targeted outside the social network)• This helps to gain impressions, but it’s optional
  5. 5. Getting Started With Linkedin Adv Open a Linkedin Account (keep attention if Admin or Standard Account!) and insert data of a credit card Enter in the Ad Section to Create Ads Select a Target Audience and Set Budget and Bid Ads will be Reviewed within 24 Hours if they Meet Linkedin Guidelines, then the Campaign should Start
  6. 6. Ads are grouped by Campaign, notby Ad Groups in the same Campaign.A limitation, as you have a minimumbudget to invest per campaign! URL people visit after clicking on the ad: could be internal (Linkedin Profile, Page or Group), or external (another website) Is it important to chose the image, as it will be resized 50x50 px Headline is up to 25 characters of text. English is currently the only accepted language for ads. Description is up to 75 characters of text. Who is creating the Ad (profile or page). Ads will be also displayed as news feed on profiles!
  7. 7. It is important to know that when you create an ad, it will be displayed on your profile as your’s activity, among other updates!I don’t like this very much…
  8. 8. Tips To Write Linkedin Ads Be direct and specific, as LinkedIn ads are quite a bit short Ads appropriate to the target audience Include a strong call-to-actionBe useful and show the benefit is unique Use images that can impact and test themWrite lots of variations in text to test ads
  9. 9. Find Customers Youre Looking ForTargeting Criteria• Job Title• Industry Narrow• Geography down your• Company Size audience to the most• Company Name relevant prospects• Seniority• Age• Gender• LinkedIn Group
  10. 10. It’s possible to select 10 Location maximum.It’s possible to choose a Continent, a Country, or a Region(each one will be counted as a Location)
  11. 11. Multiple choice is also possible for Company Categories and Job Functions.It’s possible to select 10 categories maximum
  12. 12. Then, it’s possible to select Seniority, that means more or less the role It’s possible to write here a specific Group on Linkedin to target its memebers It’s possible to select gender and age for specific offers/products Finally, it’s possible to reach ONLY Linkedin users on the social network (no flaghere), or ALSO Linkedin members on other websites part of the Linkedin Audience Network
  13. 13. Daily Budget and Cost Control • Daily budget is the maximum amount that you are wiling to spend each day. So, ads will be displayed by the system as often as possible until daily budget is reached. It could be set as low as $10 • There may be a short period of time after budget is reached when ads continue to be displayed. You will be charged for clicks or impressions delivered during that time up to 20% beyond daily budget • Credit card is charged immediately at the opening of the account $5 as one-time fee. Then, it will be charged every 7 days if balance is greater than $20, or daily if the balance for a day reaches $100. Finally, at the end of the month for the remaining balance
  14. 14. TestLinkedin Adv Findings & Results
  15. 15. AD VARIATION See more ads in the next slide
  16. 16. AD VARIATION TOTAL RESULTSN. VIEWS variation after the campaign
  17. 17. IMPRESSIONSWith a small budget, start with just a few ads.Then, create variations of them and new ads,sometimes stopping other ads for a while todistribute impressions.NB: Linkedin don’t give you the frequency ofad display per user as Facebook does!The number of times ads are displayed depends on a variety offactors, including budget, bid, and CTR.Here I also worked on bid and daily budget
  18. 18. CLICKSWhen ads start getting clicks,the top ad by CTR is shownmore frequently by Linkedin, soit receives even more clicks Linkedin is a social network where people go for professional reasons. So, it’s obvious that during the weekend traffic and clicks are lower than during the week
  19. 19. CTR If there is a drop, refresh the ads. Also, narrowed the target audience to make ads be displayed to different people (using the same campaign and no adding a new one with different geography segmentation. Here I worked on ads stopping the ads with no clicks/lowest CTR and reactivating some others trying to distribute omogeneally the impressions gained.* Linkedin wrote me “Currently, we are seeing CTRs of 0.02% and higher for some of our better performing advertisers”
  20. 20. AVERAGE CPCEach click will cost between$2.00 (the minimum cost per click onLinkedin) and CPC max (the bid) Look at the Suggested Bid Range (an estimate of the current competing bids by other advertisers targeting the same audience) to make the bid. In general, the higher you bid, the more likely you are to receive impressions and clicks.
  21. 21. $ SPENT To revamp the campaign, change the maximum bid. It is important to modify the daily minimum budget not to have just few clicks in a dayLinkedIn displays ads at different rates during the day depending on whenLinkedIn users are active on the website. I’ve noticed budget is spent inparticular first in the morning and in the late afternoon
  22. 22. Conclusions• Linkedin is not cheap: the minimum daily budget is $10 and an average CPC is between $2.00-3.00 but could be also higher. Is it worth? Valuate it depending on your objectives!• CTR is low, as on social networks frequency of ad display per person is high (but on Linkedin you don’t have any control of it, you just see the number of impressions)• Statistics panel doesn’t provide lots of data, so you don’t have a complete view of results to manage efficiently the campaign• You have to set multiple campaign to test different ads per target and budget (but each campaign you run has a minimum daily budget $10, so it’s really expensive!)• Anyway, Linkedin can give you a deep segmentation if you are interested in professional target!
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