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Bitcoin, criptovalute, blockchain, ICO e molto altro


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These are the slides from my presentation at Rotary Club in Casale Monferrato

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Bitcoin, criptovalute, blockchain, ICO e molto altro

  1. 1. source:  (2017) BITCOIN, CRIPTOVALUTE, BLOCKCHAIN, ICO, E MOLTO ALTRO ANCORA 😜 Alessandro Lanteri Rotary  Club  Casale   Marzo  2018
  2. 2. Founded (2009), advised business incubators TEDx speaker (2017) Advisor, Consultant, Coach PhD Philosophy & Economics, Erasmus (NL) MA Economics, Bocconi (IT) Exec.Ed. Said Oxford (UK), MIT (USA) Academics Abu Dhabi University (UAE) Hult International Business School (UK) Professor of Entrepreneurship Ran a marathon | Lived in 15+ global cities Other Stuff Alessandro Lanteri
  3. 3. Bitcoin: come funziona Altre valute Initial Coin Offerings Content Bitcoin: come si usa Bitcoin: cos’è Come investire?
  4. 4. Howabitcointransactionworks
  5. 5. A blockchain transaction source:  Nakamoto.  (2008) Public Transaction Nodes collect Transactions Nodes compete to generate Hash Winner Node to receive new BTC New block MINING
  6. 6. How bitcoins are mined Life inside a secret bitcoin mine
  7. 7. Where are the miners? USA EUROPE source:  (2015)
  8. 8. A blockchain transaction source:  Nakamoto.  (2008) A blockchain is a distributed public ledger of all bitcoin transactions that have ever been executed. It is constantly growing as 'completed' blocks are added to it with a new set of recordings. The blocks are added to the blockchain in a linear, chronological order. // //
  9. 9. The supply of bitcoin source:  Bank  of  America  -­‐  Merril  Lynch  Global  Research
  10. 10. A (very) brief history of money source:  ECB  (2012);  Ali  et  al.  (2014) legal tender issued by a central (trusted) authority. e.g., USD, GBP… Fiat money goods with intrinsic value. e.g., cows, pottery, shells, grains, diamonds… Commodities items representing underlying commodities with intrinsic value. e.g., gold certificates… Commodity-backed network-based, validated by a public ledger. e.g., cryptocurrencies… P2P money
  11. 11. Other cryptocurrencies first copycat to accelerate and scale transactions Litecoin Designed to fulfil smart contract Ether (Ethereum) 2017, hard fork to accelerate and scale transactions Bitcoin Cash not a cryptocurrency, int’l transactions for banks Ripple $ 698.37 $ 1,044.68 $ 180.12 $ 0.79
  12. 12. ICO’s
  13. 13. thank you! Alessandro Lanteri