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Italian national policy on design promotion


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Italian policy on design promotion

Published in: Design
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Italian national policy on design promotion

  1. 1. Alessandro Griffi – University of Pisa
  2. 2. From: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF STRATEGIES FOR DESIGN PROMOTION IN DIFFERENT NATIONAL CONTEXTS Gisele Raulik-Murphy, BDes MA Universiti of Wales Italy doesn’t have a real policy on Design Promotion
  3. 3. Specific attention committed to innovative new firms, to continue and modernise the traditional medium firms of the Italian industrial system. To implement this new network of companies the Government sustains technologic hubs and incubators.
  4. 4. Private no-profit associations were born after the IIWW in order to promote and implement the most appropriate conditions for the design of goods and services , through the cultural debate.
  5. 5. Design Associations sustained by local goverments organize competitions and prizes in order to incentivize industrial designers to develop their ideas.
  6. 6. Every year are organized in many Italians cities international fairs to share new ideas and new products. These fairs attract many different stakeholders: Designers Companies Investors Customers Influencer