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Master Portfolio Linked In2

  1. 1. Client: Purolator Canada Description: Year: 2007 Inspire developed this 8 page training brochure for Purolator’s International Category: Sales Brochure and US sales team. The brochure focused on market information, competitor analysis, and tips on delivering a successful sales presentation.
  2. 2. Client: Purolator Canada Description: Year: 2007 A services brochure created to demonstrate all of Purolator Canada’s cargo Category: Services Brochure service offerings. The brochure was developed in English, French and Mandarin.
  3. 3. Client: Purolator Canada Description: Year: 2007 A complete creative campaign which included Retail Point of Purchase Material, Category: Integrated Campaign mirco-website, web banner advertising, sales support material, geo-targeted direct mail and premium giveaways.
  4. 4. Client: Purolator Canada Description: Year: 2008 A sales collateral piece that visually illustrates all of Purolator’s service offerings. Category: Pocket Folder
  5. 5. Client: Purolator International Description: Year: 2009 An intuitive and interactive website designed to spotlight Purolator International’s Category: Website Design vast array of services and products.
  6. 6. Client: CIC Energy Description: Year: 2006 A 40 page annual report for an African coal company. Category: Annual Report
  7. 7. Client: AfriOre Ltd. Description: Year: 2005 A 40 page annual report for an emerging Gold mining company. Category: Annual Report
  8. 8. Client: AfriOre Ltd. Description: Year: 2002 A 40 page annual report for an emerging Gold mining company. Category: Annual Report
  9. 9. Client: African Gold Description: Year: 2007 This new trade show booth was strategically designed with the objective Category: Tradeshow Booth to effectively communicate the strength of their land package and growth potential to the Investment Community.
  10. 10. NORTHQUEST LTD. Client: Northquest Ltd. Description: Year: 2008 Created and developed Corporate Identy and colateral for mining exploration Category: Identity Package company: Northquest Ltd.
  11. 11. Client: Northquest Ltd. Description: Year: 2008 Created Brochure style Website for Northquest Ltd. Category: Website
  12. 12. Client: North Atlantic Resources Year: 2009 Category: Tradeshow Banner Display
  13. 13. Client: Hankook Tires Description: Year: 2004 Inspire created the “Footprint Fetish” ad to answer the client’s goal to be seen as a Category: Print Advertisement leader in the high-performance tire category. In order to be acknowledged as a top-tier manufacturer their image needed to be sophisticated and sexy. This was accomplished by marrying the concept of being “addicted to rubber” with Hankook’s technologically advanced and unique tread design. Among 15,000 entries from 75 countries, this ad was selected as a finalist in the 2004 London International Advertising and Design Awards.
  14. 14. Client: Hankook Tires Description: Year: 2006 INSPIRE created the new Hankook trivision billboard on the Gardiner Expressway Category: Outdoor Billboard to further leverage our strategic partnership with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  15. 15. Client: Hankook Tires Description: Year: 2006 These sports themed print advertisements were developed to tie in Category: Print Advertisement Hankook’s new high performance tires to our relationship with the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs.
  16. 16. Client: Hankook Tires of Canada Description: Year: 2002 This poster illustrating Hankook’s new ICE BEAR winter tires ran in Category: In store Poster Campaign retail partners across Canada.
  17. 17. Client: Hankook Tire of Canada Description: Year: 2005 Inspire was commissioned to create a flexible yet creative trade show Category: Trade Show Booth display area that Hankook staff could easily set-up, dismantle and ship across Canada.
  18. 18. Client: Pioneer Electronics of Canada Description: Year: 2006 Pioneer’s Elite line-up of products are best in class; therefore, the strategy behind Category: Product Brochure this catalogue was to demonstrate Elite’s dedication to advanced technology and performance. The printed piece focuses on the vibrancy of colour and clarity of the product while maintaining a refined and stylish demeanor which reflects the target customer.
  19. 19. THE PERFECT PAIRING OF FILM ON TELEVISION On the set of a film, directors work toward a vision of how their art will appear on the big screen. To maintain the integrity of the director’s vision, the Elite ® Blu-ray Disc ® player makes it possible to view a film at home just as the director intended. Movies are filmed at 24 frames per second, and that’s exactly how you’ll see them — in True 24fps — with the Elite ® BDP-05FD. By eliminating the need to add frames that can cause motion judder, the smooth, natural image captured by the director is the image you’ll be watching at home in perfect detail. AUDIO TO COMPLEMENT A STUNNING PICTURE A LEVEL OF Intense visual beauty requires the equivalent in audio. After delivering the DEFINITION NEVER BEFORE amazing picture, we kept going. Our Blu-ray Disc ® player flawlessly supports ACHIEVED lossless digital audio formats such as Dolby ® TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, and THE PINNACLE OF DTS-HD Advanced Digital Out ™. Making the best use of HDMI®, your player HOME CINEMA brings the highest imaginable sound performance of Blu-ray Disc ® film titles PRO-FPJ1 A REALITY THAT EXCEEDS THE PROMISE to your living room, giving you up to 7.1 channels of audio so enveloping it High-Definition Elite® wraps itself around your entire body. Every sound, every note of music, Every once in 1080pa LCoS Front Projector awhile, technology comes along every breath, every footstep, completes the transformation from hearing to that forever redefines what you thought possible. experiencing. Blu-ray Disc ®, a convention-altering format that elevates home theatre well beyond what was A PORTAL TO THE INFINITE previously imagined, is such a technology. Not only can it play Blu-ray Discs ®, DVDs and CDs, but it connects seamless- Pioneer is, and always has been, at the forefront ly with your existing home network. The Home Media Gallery has the ability of this breakthrough. With the Elite ® BDP-05FD, to stream HD movies, music, and photos from your personal computer the bold promise of high-definition is finally realized. This extraordinary through an existing home network to your home theatre. So no matter the player has the ability to output up to 1080p resolution, delivering the highest source, from personal video to classic television, you will truly see and hear level of detail and clarity available. And your existing DVD collection won’t like never before. appear like DVDs as you knew them. The BDP-05FD is designed to upscale standard format signals up to 1080p for an experience more like HD. So no matter what you watch, the Elite ® Blu-ray Disc ® player gives you the most stunningly clear and realistic images along with state-of-the-art sound for a cinematic experience unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. THE VOLUME OF Designed specifically for the home cinema, this new Elite® KURO™ 1080p SIMPLIFIED front YOUR DVD don’t just watch, BLU-RAY ® INTEGRATION screen projector embodies the very essence of KURO™. Deep, dark black levels LIBRARY EVOLVED and peak performance come together seamlessly to deliver that unmistakable Discs burned and read experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. cinematic with blue HDMI-Control lets all of your What’s amazing about the Elite ® lasers can carry an enormous Pioneer components talk with Blu-ray Disc ® player is that your OPEN YOUR EYES TO A TASTE OF VISUAL PERFECTION be transformed Surrender your heart to amazing entertainment and detail. Bring an added amount of digital information. That’s what makes HD video and audio possible on a CD-sized disc. TECHNOLOGIES FOR OUTSTANDING each other, so you can govern your entertainment world with one hand on a single remote. DVDs will be up-converted, so they’ll look sharper and sound clearer than ever before. CONVENIENCE FEATURES PERFORMANCE dimension of sight into your home and answer the call for true home cinema • Industry’s Highest Native Contrast Ratio • 3 Picture Modes for Optimal Viewing with the new Elite KURO ® ™ PRO-FPJ1, High-Definition 1080p LCoS Front BY BLACK LEVELS SO VAST THEY (30,000:1) – Standard Mode: For General Television Projector. • 1920 x 1080p High-Definition Resolution Programs 20 • Three 0.7-inch 1080p D-ILA Imagers – Dynamic Mode: For Sports and Gaming 21 ALTER EVERYTHING FOREVER. Provide Deep, Accurate Black Levels – Movie Mode Designed and engineered to the highest industry standards, this impres- • 2x Motorized Zoom/Focus Lens (1.4:1 to • Vertical Stretch Mode for Constant Image sively built Front Projector performs in ways previously unimagined. 2.8:1) for Sharp Accurate High-Resolution Height Theatre Set Up BY COLOURS SO VIBRANT THEY TWIST THE Images • Wide Lens Shift Function (Vertical: Ensuring both astounding image quality and incredible versatility for an • Optical Engine with Precise Light 80%+/-, Horizontal: 34% +/-) for Processing Reproduces Deep Black Levels Flexible Installation and Set Up experience like never before. VERY FABRIC OF YOUR BEING. • Extensive Adjustment and Calibration • Video input signals: 480i/p (60Hz), 720p Once you get a taste of this Elite ® KURO ™ Front Projector, there is simply no Features. 4-Colour Multi-Point Graphical (60Hz), 1080i (60Hz), 1080p (24/60Hz) Gamma Adjustment and Individual • IR and RS-232C Control going back. Deep, dark black levels worthy of the KURO name are just the ™ BY EXPERIENCES SO INTENSE, Adjustment of Primary RGB Colours • 2 Operation Modes: Normal Mode • Superb Gray-Scale Performance Provides (Whisper Quiet 24dB) and Bright Mode beginning. Superb gray-scale performance for a smooth, accurate picture in a Smooth and Accurate Picture in Darker • Self-Illuminating Remote Control NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME. Scenes • Detailed Image Adjustment Menu darker scenes and what could be the industry’s highest native contrast ratio • HDMI® 1.3 with Deep Colour • Front Air Intake and Exhaust Vents Allow play in parallel. Extensive adjustment and calibration features, 4-colour • Gennum VXP™ Video Processor for High- for a Variety of Flexible Installation Options Quality Pictures and Images • Lamp Replacement Panel on Unit’s Side multi-point graphical gamma adjustments, and individual adjustment of for Easy Access • Projection Size: 60 to 200 inches primary RGB colours put the Elite ® PRO-FPJ1 in a class all its own. 18 19 8 9 Client: Pioneer Electronics of Canada Year: 2008 Category: Product Brochure
  20. 20. Client: Pioneer Electronics of Canada Description: Year: 2008 This product brochure was designed to illustrate Pioneer’s Pure Audio stereo Category: Product Brochure components. It was created to target an older, high income demographic.
  21. 21. Client: Pioneer Electronics of Canada Description: Year: 2008 This sleek and stylish brochure focused on the stellar attributes of Category: Brochure Pioneer’s new navigation products which stand in a class of their own.
  22. 22. Client: Pioneer Electronics of Canada Description: Year: 2007 Inspire created this brochure for Pioneer’s and Premier’s 2007 Mobile Category: Brochure Entertainment & Navigation products.
  23. 23. Client: Pioneer Electronics of Canada Description: Year: 2007 This double page ad was created to illustrate Pioneer’s dedication to innovation Category: Print Advertisement with their best in class Blu-ray player.
  24. 24. Client: Pioneer Electronics Of Canada Description: Year: 2008 This package was designed for Pioneer’s new AVIC-Linc navigation product. Category: Package Design
  25. 25. Client: Pioneer Electronics Of Canada Description: Year: 2008 This package was designed to house Pioneer’s Home Theatre In Category: Package Design A Box product.
  26. 26. Client: Pioneer Electronics of Canada Description: Year: 2007 These series of poster were designed as a triptych art piece illustrating Category: In store Poster Campaign Pioneer’s dedication to excellence and innovation.
  27. 27. Client: Pioneer Electronics of Canada Description: Year: 2007 These series of poster were designed as a triptych art piece illustrating Category: In store Poster Campaign Pioneer’s dedication to excellence and innovation.
  28. 28. Client: Pioneer Electronics of Canada Description: Year: 2007 These series of poster were designed as a triptych art piece illustrating Category: In store Poster Campaign Pioneer’s dedication to excellence and innovation.
  29. 29. Client: Stanley Canada Description: Year: 2007 This print ad was created for Stanley Tools Canada to run in DIY publications Category: Print Advertisement across the country.
  30. 30. EXCLUSIVELY AT Win an all expenses paid trip EXCLUSIVELY AT for two to a NASCAR race! PLACE COUPON HERE No purchase necessary. Contest valid from June 10, 2006 to July 15, 2006. Contest open to residents of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada only, who have reached the age of majority in their province of residence. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Winner must correctly answer a time-limited, skill-testing question and complete and sign a declaration and release form. There is one (1) Grand Prize to be won, with a total approximate retail value of $5,000.00 CAD. For full contest rules and no purchase entry, go to Client: Stanley Canada Description: Year: 2005 INSPIRE was involved in these two Stanley Tools promotions Category: Multi-tiered In store contest with Home Hardware and Kent. The grand prize was a NASCAR experience with Team Evernham.
  31. 31. Client: General Motors of Canada Description: Year: 2000 The following creative, developed for General Motors of Canada during Category: Print Advertisement the bid for the Toronto Olympics, was produced during our partnership with the Concept 3 Group.
  32. 32. Client: Pratt & Whitney Canada Description: Year: 1997 Initiated by Concept 3 Advertising’s client – Pratt & Whitney Canada, Category: Invitation Perspectives is a juried art exhibition where funds are donated to women’s shelters in the Mississauga area. The event was hosted by Pamela Wallin and included Honorary Chair people such as Dini Petty, Anne Murray and Joe Schlesinger. Alex Baldocchi worked on all creative elements, and Cristine Martin was involved in event management and handled public relations for the event held at Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre.
  33. 33. Client: Cinnamon Toast Shelter Description: Year: 1999 During his tenure as Creative Director of Concept 3 Advertising, Category: Print Advertisement Alex Baldocchi designed this ad for Time Magazine. The advertisement was created to communicate the importance of a safe haven for abused women. Cinnamon Toast was owned and operated by the agency.
  34. 34. Client: GE Lighting Canada Description: Year: 2002 This series of advertisements were created to strategically position GE’s Category: Print Advertisements ConstantColour bulbs as a beneficial tool for the commercial and industrial vertical markets.
  35. 35. Client: GE Lighting of Canada Description: Year: 2001 Print Ads, In-store P.O.P, Collateral Material were created by Inspire to Category: Print Advertisement & Instore relaunch GE’s Saf-T-Gard light bulbs. Point of Purchase Material
  36. 36. Client: GE Lighting of Canada Description: Year: 2000 The following advertisement was part of INSPIRE’s Canadian launch Category: Integrated Campaign campaign for GE Automotive’s Super Blue light bulbs. The multi-award winning campaign included: advertising, merchandising displays, point of purchase material, in-store promotions, multi-media material, direct mail, tradeshow booth design, and event management. Elements of the successful campaign also ran stateside.
  37. 37. Client: GE Lighting Canada Description: Year: 2003 INSPIRE created a fluid, fast-paced interactive environment that is accented Category: Multimedia with Urban, Hard Rock and Hip Hop music to educate consumers about GE’s innovative Super Blue automotive lighting products, while reinforcing GE’s brand identity to the elusive male 18-34 demographic.
  38. 38. Client: GE Lighting Canada Description: Year: 2000 A flexible Pop-Up booth created to demonstrate/educate GE’s audience Category: Tradeshow Booth on their SUV’s and Light Truck high output bulbs.
  39. 39. Client: ICI Canada Description: Year: 2008 This paint can label was designed to market Glidden new pre-tinted paint Category: Package Design and P.O.P Design exclusive to Wal-Mart. Along with the package design, campaign elements included in-store point of purchase material and a sales brochure..
  40. 40. Client: Rentway Leasing Description: Year: 1996 The following creative, developed for Rentway to announce their Category: Print Advertisement association with Maple Lodge Farms.
  41. 41. Client: JVC of Canada Description: Year: 2001 The following creative was produced during our partnership with the Concept Category: Print Advertisement 3 Group. The first ad ran in business and lifestyle publications across Canada. Targeting young families, the second print and television ad ran throughout Canada in a National media campaign.
  42. 42. Client: Bachfolio Description: Year: 2000 This high-end brochure was for a portfolio that was a collaboration between Category: Brochure Rudolf Bikkers and Yo-Yo Ma called “Music in Concert with Art”. The profits generated from this project supported causes such as Yo-Yo Ma’s Music Garden. Alex Baldocchi designed all the creative communication material.
  43. 43. Client: Amnesty International Description: Year: 2007 Inspire was strategic and creative partner in Amnesty International’s Taste For Category: Multi-tiered campaign Justice event that raised funds to combat domestic abuse and violence against Women. The campaign included strategic positioning, PR, website development, outdoor advertising, print & radio advertising and collateral material.
  44. 44. Client: Volvo Trucks of Canada Description: Year: 1998 The following creative, developed for Volvo Trucks, was produced during our Category: Print Advertisement partnership with the Concept 3 Group. The ad campaign strategically positioned Volvo as a “business collaborator” with the owner/operator Heavy Duty market.
  45. 45. Client: Mack Trucks Canada Description: Year: 1992 The following creative, developed for Mack Trucks, was produced during our Category: Print Advertisement partnership with the Concept 3 Group. This ad positioned the Mack Mid-LIner Series as a truck designed for operator comfort and efficiency.
  46. 46. Client: GE Lighting Canada Description: Year: 2002 The following campaign was created to market GE’s energy efficient Category: Poster Campaign light bulbs to a commercial & industrial customer base.
  47. 47. CREATIVE COPY Hankook Radio Commercial (30 seconds) Title: Love Affair Music: Soft music – 70’s funk vibe (3 second introduction) Sound Effects: Music lowers Voice over (Barry White vibe – but not an impersonation): (27 seconds) Mmmm baby, you look good. Hot. The way you hug my curves – ssssexy. I love your firm, solid grip and the way you tread on the highway of my soul. You handle all my cold and icy moods with seductive ease. Our vibe at times is stormy – but Iyou’rer always C o l o r s h a dcontrol.u nHankook .-baby you’re n partne ship with under o w C o m m i c a t i o n s I n c one smokin’ sexy set of Winter Tires. For the dealer nearest you, visit us at Hankook Tires – DRIVING EMOTION (click radio to listen) Client: Hankook Tires Description: Year: 2007 A continuation of Hankook’s image revitalization as sexy and sleek, Category: Radio Spot this winter tires spot ran on stations across Canada.
  48. 48. CREATIVE COPY Hankook Radio Commercial (30 seconds) Target: Hankook Tires (broad) Title: Footprint Fetish Sound Effects: Whip cracking Voice over (Female Sexy Dominatrix): Do you have a Footprint Fetish? For all of you that just love the sight of rubber with wider treads and deeper grooves, Hankook Tires are just for you. Hankook Tires have wide footprints ithat lare adesigned nfort imaximum control In partnership w th Co orsh dow Commu ica ons Inc. in both wet and dry conditions and they feature multi-kerfs to enhance traction performance. For the dealer nearest you, simply go to Hankook Tires – DRIVING EMOTION (click radio to listen) Client: Hankook Tires Description: Year: 2004 The strategy of this 30 second radio spot was to position the client Category: Radio Spot as a sexier, high-end brand while educating the listener on Hankook’s unique tread design. The spot ran on stations across Canada for 2 years.
  49. 49. CREATIVE COPY Hankook Radio Commercial (30 seconds) Title: Love at first sight Music: Very relaxing and romantic Voice over: Other people take a bit longer to fall in love. Not me. It was love at first sight. We clicked immediately. We both shared the same passion for smooth, comfortable rides and state of the art tread designs. It’s been years and I’m still in love with my Hankook tires. Hankook is one of the leading tire manufacturers rini p w i t h C o l o r s h a d o w C o m m u n i c a t i o n s I n c . In partne sh the world. For the dealer nearest you, simply go to Hankook Tires – DRIVING EMOTION (click radio to listen) Client: Hankook Tires Description: Year: 2005 This 30 second spot for Hankook Tire was awarded best radio spot by Category: Radio Spot AAPEX/SEMA show in Las Vegas.
  50. 50. Alex Baldocchi Partner, President & P.J. Lucus Partner, Director of New Business Cristine Martin Partner, CEO Development U.S. markets Creative Director Cristine Martin started her marketing career at boutique ad agency A graduate of the Academy des Beaux Arts in Montreal, Alex moved With an academic background in communications from Fordham Concept 3 Advertising in 1995. As Media Director she created strategic to Toronto in 1991. Mr. Baldocchi worked for Concept 3 Advertising University, P.J. started his media career at Fairchild Publications’ plans for the likes of JVC Canada, Shiseido Cosmetics, Volvo Trucks for over ten years as creative director where he created campaigns Footwear News, where he earned Salesman of the Year and New among others. With the love of all things marketing – Ms. Martin took for JVC Canada, Mack Trucks, Volvo Trucks, General Motors, Ciba Business Awards. His extensive sales experience has lead him to the a holistic approach to learning agency culture and was assigned roles Geigy, Pioneer Electronics to name a few. He also managed the esteemed o ces of Men’s Health Magazine and Esquire Magazine, as diverse as Controller of the company to account executive. In 2002, creative department of 12 employees at Concept 3 Advertising – where he continued to boost the revenue within his departments. P.J. with her clients in hand – she and Alex Baldocchi created their own overseeing and controlling all print, radio, television and new has since moved into more managerial positions for such magazines agency Inspire Advertising + Design Inc. As partner at Inspire media campaigns. Forming Inspire Advertising + Design Inc. in as Field & Stream/Outdoor Life and New York Magazine and served as Advertising, Ms. Martin is/has been lead account manager, strategic 2002 with Cristine Martin – Mr. Baldocchi has developed creative Associate Publisher at Golf World, Penthouse Media Group and Radar copywriter and media specialist for all of Inspire's clients including: for GE Lighting, Hankook Tires, Amnesty International, Pioneer Magazine/ P.J. has worked with a diverse list of Pioneer Electronics, GE Canada, Stanley Canada, Amnesty International, Electronics, Stanley Canada to name a few. Mr. Baldocchi has been categories and clients throughout his career: Pharmaceuticals Purolator Canada, Akzo Nobel and Hankook Tires. awarded top honors from Applied Arts ,Graphic Arts Magazines, (AstraZeneca, Wyeth, Eli Lilly, P zer), Fragrance & Beauty (Estée Lauder, The US Summit Awards, for his work on the GE Lighting account. Tommy Hil ger, Hugo Boss, Coty, Brut), Footwear (Reebok, Rockport, Tracy Lister Managing Director & His radio work for Hankook Tires won top prize at the AAPEX / Cole Haan, HH Brown, Dexter, Timberland), Liquor (LVMH/Belvedere, SEMA show in Las Vegas and his print ad for Hankook Tires was Patron, Bacardi), and Entertainment (HBO, Showtime, VH1, MSNBC) Senior Art Director awarded “ nalist” status at the prestigious London Design Awards Tracy Lister is a graduate of the Bachelor of Fines Arts program at the with over 15,000 entries from across the globe. Daniel Paquette President of Daniel University of Alberta. She joined Concept 3 Advertising as part of the Paquette Public Relations – strategic creative team in 2001. Under the INSPIRE banner – Ms. Lister has Andrew Spicer Vice President and partner to INSPIRE Advertising + Design. developed creative for GE Lighting, Hankook Tires, Purolator Canada Research Director of QRI International – Daniel Paquette has over 15 years of public relations experience in and Pioneer Electronics among others. In 2004, she was a nalist at the London International Advertising and Design Award for her work strategic partner to INSPIRE addition to over a dozen years as a journalist in radio and print. He has on the Hankook Tires account. Advertising + Design. achieved excellent results in international, national and regional Andrew Spicer – Vice President and Research Director of QRI campaigns for consumer, non-pro t, government and corporate International – strategic partner to INSPIRE Advertising + Design. As a clients in all industries including arts, media, entertainment, fashion, Paul Martin Director of Audio Production senior research designer and analyst on QRI Signature projects, and nancial, insurance, environmental and health. PR capabilities include: manager of day-to-day research operations, Andrew Spicer has Strategic counsel; Media relations (English/French); Corporate President of Howling Productions – strategic partner to INSPIRE developed a broad and rich experience across hundreds of projects communications; Special events (media conferences, Gala’s, Advertising + Design. Paul Martin is Director of Audio Production at since he joined the organization in 1998. In addition, as a research photo-op’s) and promotional activities; Media Training; Media Materials INSPIRE Advertising + Design. A graduate from the prestigious Harris practitioner, Andrew has conducted focus groups and interviews across (including French translation, speech writing and B-roll production). Institute in Toronto, Mr. Martin established Howling Productions – a full the continent on topics as diverse as funerals in Mississippi and high Client experience includes: Ontario Ministry of Culture: Trillium Book service recording and production studio in 1999. As a composer, Mr. tech in San Francisco, chocolate in Halifax and burgers in Winnipeg. Award, Food Network, OLN, Global TV, Discovery, City of Brampton, Martin’s work for GE’s multi-media campaign and Hankook’s radio Toronto Hydro, Evian, Bank of Montreal, Bristol Myers-Squibb, spots have been awarded top honors here in Canada and in the US. Panasonic, Singapore Tourism Board, Clairol and Smirno Vodka.
  51. 51. provides innovative and e ective advertising and design solutions for a variety of clientele. O ering end-to-end services to a spectrum of industries – we pride ourselves on our creative contribution to our clients, their customers and our own business and artistic integrity. Services: Full Service Advertising Promotional Campaigns Brand Communications Web Design & Development Strategic Positioning Public Relations Integrated marketing Research Media Strategy and Placement Event Management
  52. 52. CANADA U.S.A. Cristine Martin P.J. Lucus 61A Jarvis Street, Suite #1 9 Tanglewood Court Toronto, ON M5C 2H2 Randolph, NJ 07869 Canada U.S.A. (416)-934-1093 ext. 12 (973)-366-1368 Cell: (416)-523-9640 Cell: (973)-879-3716 Fax: (416)-934-1893 Fax: (862)-397-4373