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Teacher education Programs


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Singapore UNRWA
by ( raed & tan)

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Teacher education Programs

  1. 1. Teacher Education Studies PLG 518 Tutorial Presentation Presented by : 1) Tan Chui Kiang ( P-PM 0224/12) 2) Raed Mohammad ( P-PM 0334/12)
  2. 2. Low Performing Education System World Class Performance
  3. 3. Vivien Stewart (Senior Advisor for Education at Asia Society)
  4. 4. Overview of the Singapore Education System •to “mould the future of nation” Mission of Education
  5. 5. Roles of Ministry of Education of Singapore 1) Plan and do strategic forecasting to resolve both short term needs and long term system requirements. 2) Attract recruits from uni-degree holders and those who have done well in polytechnical schools.
  6. 6. Roles of National Institute of Education (NIE) 1) Trains all teachers for Singapore local schools. 2) Maintains professional teaching standards that define what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do through its quality programs and stated outcomes. 3) Provide pre-service training, professional development, school leadership preparation and educational research
  7. 7. Programs Offered by NIE to Train Teachers 2 years Diploma Programme for high school graduates 1-year Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) for graduates 4-years degree BA/BSc(Education) Programme for high school graduates
  8. 8. Pre-Service Training Framework for Initial Teacher Education Programmes Developing Education Professionals Innovation, Independent learning, Critical thinking, Commitment and Service.
  9. 9. Language Enhancement and academic discourse skills Main Areas of Programmes Practicum Education Studies Curriculum Studies
  10. 10. • Develop key concepts and principles in education for effective instruction and reflective practice Education Studies • Equip student teachers with methods and approaches to teach different subjects. Curriculum Studies • Teaching competencies are developed on site in schools/Junior Colleges • Mentoring by Co-operating Teachers and by NIE staff Practicum Language enhancement and academic discourse skills • Provide teachers with the oral and written skills necessary for effective communication
  11. 11. Definition of Out-of-Field Teaching teachers assigned to teach subjects for which they have little education
  12. 12. Reasons for the Assertion 1) MOE recruits teachers for the whole school system based on yearly estimates of needs. 4) NIE graduates two cohort of teachers, in November and in May. 3) All teachers are trained to teach in 2 curriculum areas in their respective NIE programs. 2) Since NIE works closely with the MOE in establishing the required standards, the qualifications of Singapore teachers are seldom questioned.
  13. 13. Key Elements of a Comprehensive Systems for Teachers Recruitment Training Compensation Professional Development Performance Appraisal Career Development
  14. 14. Recruitment MOE selects teachers based on: Academics Commitment to profession and serve diverse student bodies
  15. 15. Training   Master teachers mentor every new teacher for several years.
  16. 16. Compensation MOE examines a range of occupational starting salaries and may adjust the salaries for beginning teachers each year.
  17. 17. Professional Development Teachers are entitled to 100 hours of professional development per year. Each school has a fund through which it can support teacher growth.
  18. 18. Performance Appraisal  Teacher performance is appraised annually by a number of people and on multiple measures, which includes:  Contribution to academic  Character development of all students in their charge  Their collaboration with parents and community groups  Their contributions to their colleagues and the school as a whole.  Teacher who do outstanding work, receive a bonus from a school bonus pool.
  19. 19. Career Development Career Path Master Teacher Specialist in Curriculum or Research School Leader  Each with salary increment  Each will receive good training and continuing support to prepare for transformation.
  20. 20. Singapore Teacher Education
  21. 21. Teacher Education in UNRWA Thursday, January 29, 2015
  22. 22. Contents Introduction. Education Programme Teacher Training and Development Institution of Education System Institution of Education Philosophy Teacher Training Programmes Enrolment of Teacher Training
  23. 23. Introduction • UNRWA established in 1949 to provide education, health care, social services and emergency aids for 5 millions Palestinian Refugees. • UNRWA operates in 5 areas: • Gaza Strip, West Bank, Jordan , Syria & Lebanon. • UNRWA runs 700 schools - 20,000 teaching and support staff. • UNRWA is accounting in education 50% Budget - 70% Staff • In Jordan 172 schools ( 1st-10th grade) with 117,000 students UNRWA runs 10 Vocational – Training Centres. In Jordan 2 Training Centres: 1- Vocational Technical Training Centre. 2- Education Development Centre . Thursday, January 29, 2015
  24. 24. Education Programme • Technical & Vocational Training Centre Provides: • Education- Required skills and Practical Programmes • Professional fields such as: • plumbing- pharmacy • Design- teacher training “ Instructor” • Education Science Faculty : ESF • Students with 90% grades.. Academic & Practical training. • A 4 years University Teacher. • Fields of study includes Maths. Computer. Physical training. • English . Arabic. Primary Education Thursday, January 29, 2015
  25. 25. Teacher Training & Development • Institution of Education: • To train & accredit teachers, head teachers , supervisors . • Provides different programme to different categories: 1- In- Service training courses 2-Pre-service teacher training. 3-Basic training programmes. 4-Long & short terms professional development training. 5-Produce Up-to-date materials, workshops for teaching staff. In addition, Audio- Visual Sub Unit supplies teachers with tools, games , PPTs, posters to meet the demands of the fields. Thursday, January 29, 2015
  26. 26. System of Institution of Education • Institution of education is led by Chief who reports to the Director of Head Quarter of UNRWA • Director is assessed by 2 sub units: Head Training Materials Unit & Head Training Program Unit. • The Division includes a team of Specialists works on facilitating the courses Teacher Training and Qualification: A- Education Psychology, B- School Leadership C- Specialized Training in School Support. Thursday, January 29, 2015
  27. 27. Philosophy of Institution of Education • Philosophy goes under two dimensions: A- Consolidating National & Cultural Identity of the Palestinian Refugees B- Developing professionally qualified instructional & managerial Staff to lead the education of the refugees. Thursday, January 29, 2015
  28. 28. Institution of Education Training Programme • Key features: • Clear objectives. • Close links between training and work requirements. • Continued efforts in research • Development and monitoring in accordance with most recent educational trends to enrich teacher training. • Steps for Designing Training Programs: • 1- Target group 2- Training needs • 3- Objectives / Outcomes 4- Content / Activities • 5- Materials / methods 6- Evaluation / each • 7- Reviewing / audit 7- Experiment / feedback 8- Implementation Thursday, January 29, 2015
  29. 29. Enrolment. • In-Service Training Courses: • Main objectives: • 1- To upgrade professional qualifications. • 2- To adapt curriculum changes • 3- Improve methods- Develop educational, managerial, leadership and supervisory skills. • Organized by Institution of Education at Head Quarter. • Implemented by Education Development Centeres. • Annually, 900-1000 staff receive training. Thursday, January 29, 2015
  30. 30. Enrolment.. • 1-Teacher Training and Qualification Courses • { Education Psychology } (1) Year • {Vocational Training Instructor } (3) Years 2-- Education and School Leadership • { Head Teacher (1) - School Supervisor (1) • 3- School supporting Specialized Training Course. • { Guide and Councilor Teacher } (1-2 ) • 4- Continued Professional Development Courses. ( EP )- critical thinking , creative thinking, problem solving Classroom management, analyzing and building tests Action research, Curriculum enrichment New Methods & techniques Teaching aids, students attitudes-, students skills. Thursday, January 29, 2015
  31. 31. Enrolment • Pre- Service Teacher Training. • To ensure sufficient qualified teachers staff. • 1993 upgrading from 2 to 4 years- University level teacher • Special Training – Academic & Practical . 3 weeks per semester • ( 1st -3rd Grades ) Basic Elementary Cycle }. • { Maths- Science – English – Arabic- Physical Training } Thursday, January 29, 2015
  32. 32. ‫شكرا‬ Thank You Terima Kasih 谢谢 Thursday, January 29, 2015